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Ball in Sign Language

Learn how to sign ball in ASL (American Sign Language). Then watch the games begin! There are few toys quite so fun as a big bouncy ball. Learn this simple sign and let the fun games for children begin!

  1. Bring your hands up with fingers spread apart and then touch each finger tip to its match on the opposite hand.
  2. Tap finger tips together a few times

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign ball in ASL

  • This sign looks just like you are putting your hands around a ball! Keep that visual in your head to help you remember the sign.
  • Play games such as “hide the ball”, and chase the ball to help practice this sign. Each time you give a direction to your child, such as, “Where’s the ball?” be sure you sign ball!


  • It’s like you’re holding a ball, and patting a ball. Ball. Now you try!

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