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Bee in Sign Language

Learn how to sign bee in ASL (American Sign Language). These buzzing (and stinging!) little insects can cause fear or be a source of fascination – encourage the later by learning how to sign bee and celebrating what these important creatures do in nature.

  1. Start by forming the hand shape for the letter f. To do this, use one hand and touch thumb to pointer finger in a circle, keeping the other three fingers extended and slightly apart.
  2. Touch the f hand-shape to your cheek.
  3. Then, using the same hand, quickly open hand and brush your cheek.
  4. This sign looks a little like a bee has come buzzing by your face and you’re brushing it away.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign bee in ASL

• Even if bees (or other creepy-crawly-fliers) make you nervous, try your best not to model the fear for kids. Instead, talk and sign about bees, including talking about how keeping a healthy respectful distance is the safe thing to do.
• Bees are busy creatures! Talk with your child about all the jobs they have – from pollinating flowers and helping our food grow, to making delicious honey. Sign bee each time you talk about a job the bee has.
• Preschool activities for children could include a picnic where you celebrate the bee! Have a bee-created healthy snack, some delicious honey on a cracker or paired with a nut or seed butter. Make sure you sign and thank the bees for their hard work and delicious treat!


Bee. Make an “F” and touch your cheek, then brush the bee off. Bee.

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