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Salad in Sign Language

Learn how to sign salad in ASL (American Sign Language) – part of a healthy meal!

  1. Hold both hands up at about waist height, palms up.
  2. Toss your hands up and down a few inches like you’re tossing a salad.
  3. Another way to sign this word is to make your hands look like forks – extend the pointer and middle fingers and tuck the remaining fingers into the palms. Again, you would alternate moving the hands up and down a few times to show the salad being tossed.
  4. Either way you choose to do this sign, it is reminiscent of tossing a big delicious salad. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign salad in ASL

  • Let your child help create the salad for dinner. Start at the beginning, with the selection of veggies from the grocery store or the fridge. Assist in safe cutting and chopping (lettuce can easily be torn into bite sized pieces!). While you work together, talk about what makes a salad healthy and delicious. Sign the word salad and enjoy!
  • Educational games can happen right in the kitchen! As you’re making a salad, foster a little appreciation for food sourcing and tell a story together about how you imagine the plant grew at a farm, traveled to get to you, and got picked at the grocery store: “Once upon a time there was a tiny carrot seed. A nice farmer planted the seed deep in the ground and gave it water. The sun shone down…” (Complete the story and come up with your own!) End the story with, “And the carrot became part of our delicious salad!

Salad! Your hands toss the salad! Or you can toss it with forks. Salad!

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