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C in Sign Language

Learn how to sign the letter C in ASL (American Sign Language) to use in the alphabet and even some other signs (such as “cake”)!

1. Bring one hand up at about shoulder height and cup into a c-shape.
2. You can sign this with either hand.

Teaching Tips – to learn to how to sign C in ASL

  • Reading games for kids start with the ABCs – so practice often! Sing the ABC song and sign the letters at the same time.
  • Go on a hunt for items in your home or neighborhood for items that begin with the letter C. Sign C each time you see one!
  • Pair this letter sign with other letter signs you know and try to spell simple words.


This is the letter C. Doesn’t it look just like a C? C.

Download the Flashcard (click on the image. Print in color or black-and-white and adjust the print size according to your needs.)

C American Sign Language Dictionary

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