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Cheese in Sign language

Learn how to sign cheese in ASL (American Sign Language) and practice during snacks and meal times when this favorite toddler food is served.

1. Bring both hands up, fingers slightly apart, palms pressed together.
2. Twist your wrists back and forth in opposite directions.
3. This sign doesn’t look much like cheese… but maybe it is like squishing cheese together? You may just need to remember this sign instead of using a visual!

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign cheese in ASL

  • Where does cheese come from? Talk to your child about how cows produce milk that we use to make cheese (and lots of other foods!).
  • Snack time is a good time for preschoolers to make some choices on food. Teacher your child to make healthy choices by offering a variety of snacks, including cheese cubes if you’d like. Ask you child to produce the sign for the snack they would like today.


Cheese. Swish your hands back and forth. Cheese. Sign cheese.

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