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Class in Sign Language

Learn how to sign class in ASL (American Sign Language) so that you can talk about all sorts of classes around town!

  1. Bring both hands up about shoulder height, each hand curled into a c-shape.
  2. Start with the sides of the thumbs and pointers together – so the c’s are touching.
  3. Bring the c-shaped hands around in front of you, drawing them in a circle, until they meet on the other side with the sides of the pinkies touching.
  4. C is for class! This sign is like you are indicating a group or a class in a circle together. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign class in ASL

  • This sign uses what is called “initialization” – meaning the first letter, or initial, of the sign is the base for the word. Learning to read games  often start with phonics – point out to your child that you are using the sign for c and the word starts with the “hard c” sound to make class!
  • Where might your child be in a class? Preschool? Swim lessons? Sunday school? Talk about the different places to take a fun class and practice the sign.
  • Play school together and have some fun switching roles – you are the child in the class and your child is the teacher!


Class! Make Cs for class and draw a circle with them. Class!

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