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Doll in Sign Language

Learn how to sign doll in ASL (American Sign Language) and use it often with this favorite childhood toy.

  1. Bring one hand up and crook your pointer finger, tucking in all the rest of the fingers.
  2. Drag the crooked finger down the bridge of your nose.
  3. This sign looks like you are showing a little doll nose. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign doll in ASL

  • Learning activities for children are often most powerful when they mimic real life. Boys and girls can both benefit from playing with dolls, learning to nurture and care for someone as they go. Practice signing doll each time the toy is used.
  • Take your doll on an adventure and photograph the day! Assemble the photos into a little album and have your child practice telling the story of doll’s special day out. Model language such as, “First Doll went to the playground! It was fun to go down the slide! Next, doll took a nap with me. We were sleepy.” Emphasize describing the activity and the feelings and observations your child has. Practice signing doll as you go.

Bend your pointer finger and slide it down your nose, like a little doll’s nose. Doll. Your turn!

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