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Grumpy in Sign Language

Learn how to sign grumpy – everyone has a cranky day once in a while, it’s okay!

1. Bring one hand up in front of your face and bend your fingers and out a few times.
2. Make sure you make a really grumpy face while you do this sign.
3. This sign looks just like you are having a really grumpy moment! Use the visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Facial expressions are key to sign language and you can use the face for this one to really drive home the meaning of the sign.
  • Preschool learning activities centered around emotions can really help a child own and understand their feelings. Play a game of charades where you model a feeling and your child shows you the sign for that feelings. Then switch rolls. Try feelings like: happy, sad, tired, silly, grumpy.

Grumpy. You crinkle your hand over your face. Grumpy.

Download the Flashcard (click on the image. The file contains a few color and black-and-white options. Print according to your needs.)

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