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Light in Sign Language

Learn how to sign light – don’t forget to turn the lights off when you leave the room!

1. Flick your thumb and middle finger of one hand on your chin – this part is light.
2. To indicate a light should be turned on, next bring that same hand up over to above the side of your head and touch all the fingertips together, then flick them open.
3. To indicate a light should be turned off, bring that same hand up above the side of your head and snap closed the tips of all your fingertips.
4. For the first part of the sign (light), remember that light flickers and this sign flicks. For the second part of this sign a light on is open and bright and a light off is closed and dark. Use these visuals to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Create interactive games for children around the topic of conservation.Holding your child up, or allowing him to stand on a stool if it is safe to do so, alternate signing “light on” and “light off” and having your child practice. After they have learned the sign, you can remind them “light off!” each time you leave the room and start a good habit for life!
  • Talk with your child about light and dark and night and day, touching on the topic of opposites. What do they like to do when the light is on and it is day? What kinds of things do they do when the light is off and it is night? (hint: Lights off can be more than sleeping! You can gaze at the stars, snuggle, tell stories, etc. )

Light. Your middle finger flicks your chin. Light! You can show the light turning on or off. Light. On off.

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