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Rabbit in Sign Language

Learn how to sign rabbit in ASL (American Sign Language) – are there rabbits where you live?

  1. There are two different ways to sign rabbit. The first option starts with arms crossed, wrists touching. Extend your pointer and middle fingers and tuck the remaining fingers into the palm.
  2. Wiggle your middle and pointer fingers a couple of times to show the rabbit’s ears.
  3. The second way to show rabbit is to actually make the ears up near your head. Create the same hand shape – pointer and middle finger touching,
    remaining fingers tucked into the palms.
  4. Bring your hands up and place on your ears, palms facing backwards. Wiggle your pointer and middle fingers a couple of times again to show the rabbit’s ears.
  5. Either way you make this sign, it looks like wiggly rabbit ears! Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign rabbit in ASL

  • Make a fluffy rabbit! Draw the outline of a rabbit on a piece of paper. Then fill it in by gluing cotton balls down. Sign rabbit as you work!
  • Teaching sign language is fun when you are learning about animals. Kids love to act just like them. So sign rabbit and hop around and wiggle your noses! Have a carrot for a snack too!

Rabbit. Cross your arms and show the rabbit’s ears with your two fingers. Rabbit! Or you might see it signed like this. Rabbit!

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