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Awake in Sign Language

Learn how to sign awake in ASL (American Sign Language). If you know how to sign “awake” then you know how to sign “wake up”! The sign is the same for both phrases. Facial expression is very important in sign language, so make sure you make your face look wide awake when you make the sign!

Open eyes wide and raise eyebrows to show you are wide-awake!

  1. Pinch thumb and forefinger together and tuck the other fingers into your palm.
  2. Bring your hands up near your yes and pop thumb and forefinger apart.
  3. Open eyes wide at the same time to show you are awake!

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign awake in ASL

  • To help remember the sign, think about using your pointer and thumb fingers to open your eyes wide.
  • Talk to your child about times they wake up – in the morning, after a nap… and maybe sometimes at night!
  • Brainstorm things you and your child do when awake. Talk about them and sign “awake” for each sentence.
  • We wake up and eat breakfast.
  • When I am awake I like to play!
  • I wake up and cuddle with Mommy and Daddy!


Awake or wake up. Hold your thumb and finger next to your eyes, then open them. Awake. Wake up.

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