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Wet in Sign Language

Learn how to sign wet. Learn about water while you sign this one.

1. Bring both hands up to about chest height, placing one slightly higher than the other.
2. The palms face up and the fingertips are open, the palm curled up a little.
3. Draw the hands down and at the same time close the fingertips together so they touch.
4. This sign is a little like you are grabbing water or feeling something wet with your hands. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Create kids’ learning activities around the opposites of wet and dry. Hide an object in a bag or behind a barrier. Have the child touch the object without seeing it and sign if it is wet or dry. Then take a peek and see if she was right!
  • Where are some fun places to get all wet? The tub, the pool, under the hose, or with squirt guns… has some fun with water and practice your signs while you play!

Wet. It’s just like you’re grabbing water with your hands. Wet.

Download the Flashcard (click on the image. Print in color or black-and-white and adjust the print size according to your needs.)

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