Build Your Own Back-to-School Plan

Build Your Own Back-to-School Plan with Signing Time

The calendar keeps speeding along, and now we’re in the thick of the back-to-school season. But many of us have little ones who are still at home and are not heading back to school. And many of our school-aged kids could use some extra help outside of school. And then there are the kids who are ready to start learning even though they are still too young for school. In each of these situations, My Signing Time can help. Check out our back-to-school resources, and see what tools you can use to build your own back-to-school plan.

Are you looking for help in teaching your child the alphabet? Or do you have an artistic child who could use a specific project? Does your science-loving kid need a few new experiments to learn about? What about introducing your little one to a new language? My Signing Time can help you with these goals and more! Look at what we have, and choose what meets your kids’ needs as you build your own back-to-school plan.

ABCs and Letter Sounds

We have some great shows to help your child learn the alphabet. 

There’s TreeSchoolers: The Legends of Phonetica, where your kids can join their favorite TreeSchooler characters. As they explore the secret world of Phonetica, they meet the Letter Flies and learn the letters and their sounds.

Then we have a new series, Mother Goose Club Schoolhouse, with lots of shows about the alphabet. It’s a great way to get some repetition without watching the same show over and over.

We also have a few ABC shows in the main Mother Goose Club series.

And lastly, we have all of the ABC signs in the Signing Time Dictionary. The free Signing Time Dictionary has all of the alphabet signs along with over 200 other signs for you to learn for free. This is a great resource to help you build your own back-to-school plan.

Art and Drawing

We have Bailey’s Art Hub for Kids, where your kids can learn to draw popular characters and other fun figures.

There’s also Art Time at the TreeSchool where Great Artist Mom, Laurie White, shows us how to draw TreeSchooler characters.

And then there’s our new Mother Goose Show Me How show, where your kids can learn how to do several different crafting projects.

Don’t forget we always have our free Handy Crafts over at Signing Time too!

Science and Experimenting

Rachel and the TreeSchoolers is perfect for preschool science! So many fun shows and topics, all great for the preschool age. 

And we have another new show, SciShow Kids, for kids of all ages to see real time research and experiments in all kinds of areas, and even have a chance to do some experimenting at home.

Along with those, the TreeSchoolers are back with some new songs to help us remember scientific principles and facts. You can find those in our Science section here.


Of course, we have Signing Time and Baby Signing Time to help you and your kids learn American Sign Language. Did you know that learning sign language at an early age can help your kids develop both language skills and reading skills earlier than average? And sign language helps our special needs kids to have a way to communicate more easily. For all children, learning sign language can be empowering, help them to be inclusive, and increase their communication abilities. You can check out ALL of our signing shows here!

In addition, we have a new show to help kids learn some basic Spanish. Basho & Friends teaches Spanish words to kids through repetition and song. 

There’s also Baby Signing Time Brazil, a great way to hear some Portuguese and to see if you can identify and learn some of the words,

Health and fitness

Need to get your kids active in a non-destructive way? Take a look at some of our fitness and dance series for some fun, kid-friendly workouts. While they’re at it, they can learn some important health concepts too.

We have Hip Hop Hopkins with different hosts, a fun way to exercise with nursery rhymes set to hip hop.

Then we have our new series, Active Adventures 1, Active Adventures 2, and Active Adventures 3 with bunches of active fun and healthy tips.

Music and Rhyming

Check out our Signing Time Sing & Sign and TreeSchoolers Sing & Sign shows to learn more signing through fun songs

We also have lots of nursery rhymes and songs in our new Mother Goose Club shows, Mother Goose Club, Mother Goose Club Playhouse, and Mother Goose Club Toons.

And our Signing Time Shows are full of songs! You can find the lyrics to our songs at the  Signing Time website. Head over to to find free downloads for lyrics for several of our songs. 

My Singing Time has been a go-to resource for teaching kids to sign. Now we’re excited to be able to provide even more educational resources for your kids. If you don’t have a digital subscription, you can try one out with a 14-day free trial right here. So there’s nothing to lose. Head over to My Signing Time to build your own back-to-school plan!

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