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keeping plants can be healthy and fun

Keeping Houseplants Can Be Healthy and Fun

It can be fun to explore the lesser known days in our calendars. Did you know that January 10, 2021 is National Houseplant Appreciation Day? This is a fun find, and it’s quite fitting for this time of year. Keeping houseplants can be healthy and fun! Many of us have put away our holiday decorations. After the lights and colors of the holidays, our homes can seem rather plain. Houseplants can add some life and vibrance back into our homes. Additionally, January is winter for many of us, and it does not provide much greenery or life. Houseplants give us …

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Programs to watch with your children

New Shows You Need to Watch with Your Kids this October

Did you know that My Signing Time routinely adds new shows? We know you want quality, safe, commercial free programming that will help you and your children connect, learn, and grow. Our team curates content that we know will inspire and uplift your family. In September, we added new programing that will unleash the budding artist in your family, get you all moving, and increase your conversational ASL Skills. This fall has many of us learning virtually. We know it can be challenging to provide motivating art and physical education activities at home. This month’s new releases focus on giving …

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Is Baby Signing Time on Netflix?

  Baby Signing Time is No Longer on Netflix Unfortunately, Baby Sign Language is no longer available through Netflix. When Baby Sign Language was on Netflix, they were only able to carry a small number of our videos—just Signing Time Series 2. But don’t worry, you can still access all of those videos, plus more! Where You Can Watch It Now All of the videos that were available on Netflix plus more is available our site. At you can stream ALL of our videos! You can also download videos to your phones and tablets, allowing you to take My …

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Are We There Yet? – Signing Time Products On The Go!

Written by Jennifer deAzevedo Suttner How many times can your kids ask that question before you go a little nuts? I recently went on a two-and-a-half-hour drive with 2 young kids and that question was asked 5 times in the last thirty minutes of the drive! Needless to say, hearing that question over and over again was making me wonder, “Are we there yet?” Take advantage of those long car rides or flights this summer! Signing Time will teach your kids another language and keep them engaged while you travel! Want to educate them as well as entertain them? We’ve …

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Screen Time for Children with Baby Sign Language

With Baby Sign Language being a visual language is it okay to let your child watch the Baby Signing Time Videos? What does the American Academy of Pediatrics say about screen time with infants and toddlers? Screen time is the number of hours a person spends each day in front of a computer, mobile device, or television, watching movies or playing video games. Our living rooms are filled with smart phones, tablets, iPods, computers, televisions, movies, gaming system, and more. As parents we wonder what we can do to manage and optimize our kids’ screen time. In 2016, The American Academy of Pediatrics released media guidelines for parents of infants and toddlers. The guidelines had not been updated since 1999, and much …

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Gift Guide: Top 10 Fan Picks

Your votes are in! Here are the official top 10 Signing Time gifts for 2017: Signing Time Nursery Rhymes Baby Sign Language System Baby Signing Time Flash Cards TreeSchoolers Science Complete Set All of the Signing Time Products! You can get them digitally at Season 1, Vol. 5 ABC Signs Season 1, Vol. 7: Leah’s Farm Signing Time Christmas Potty Time Complete System Season 2, Vol. 2: Happy Birthday to You Thank you to our Facebook fans who participated in this survey! See selected comments below. We are excited to share the new Signing Time Nursery Rhymes with our children! TreeSchoolers. …

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How to Gift a Digital Video

To give the gift of My Signing Time, follow these steps: Click here to go straight to the gifting page at Select the number of months you want to gift and fill out the relevant information! We’ll email your gifts to your recipients. Go to

Film Highlights Impact of Cochlear Implants

Cochlear Implants: Leah’s Journey to Becoming Bilingual  Signing Time host Rachel Coleman has rarely spoken openly about her daughter Leah’s cochlear implant surgery. Until now. A new documentary film, Louder Than Words, reveals Rachel’s struggle to challenge her own long-held beliefs in making this complicated and far-reaching decision. Watch never-seen-before footage of Leah’s activation and follow her journey to becoming bilingual in both English and American Sign Language. Two Ways to See Louder Than Words 1. Digital Download Save $5 now with code: louder5 Get the Digital Download 2. Subscription This documentary is included in our All-Access SigningTime.TV subscription (which includes Baby Signing Time, Potty Time, Signing Time, Signing Time …

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Holiday Kindle Giveaway

Next Drawing: Monday, Dec. 19 Get SigningTime.TV on Kindle You can now download the SigningTime.TV app onto Kindle! To celebrate, we’re giving away three Kindles for Kids in three weeks. Enter to win a Kid’s Kindle + our Complete Digital Library Earn entries daily here. Get extra entries for sharing with friends! a Rafflecopter giveaway Congratulations to our Dec. 12 winner: Wes A.!  a Rafflecopter giveaway Congratulations to our Dec. 5 winner: Loretto D.!  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Signing Time or Baby Signing Time?

“Which video series should I start with: Baby Signing Time or Signing Time?” This is a question that many parents ask us. In truth, your children will learn sign language with any of our American Sign Language (ASL) videos. Here is what our Customer Care team says about choosing the video series that will best fit the needs of your family: If your child is age 0-3, start with Baby Signing Time If your child is 3 or older, start with Signing Time If you have a child in each age range, the choice is yours. However, we recommend starting with Baby Signing Time and then …

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