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Get to Know Hopkins the Frog This Month

April is a month full of celebrations, remembrances, and honorable causes. But did you know that April is also National Frog Month? Yup, it’s a month for us to get excited about frogs. So that’s what we’re going to do. We like frogs here at Signing Time, and we love our own Hopkins the Frog! So we’re all set to celebrate National Frog Month, and we’d love for you to get to know Hopkins the Frog this month.

Learning about frogs is fun

Along with getting to know Hopkins, it’s a good idea to learn about frogs in general. Frogs are really quite fascinating, and your kids could have so much fun learning about them. They come in a variety of colors and in so many sizes. Frogs live all over the world and in various habitats. So see what resources you can find to learn about frogs.

There are lots of nature shows and online resources that have great information and beautiful images to help you and your child learn about frogs. And the library is another wonderful resource. It’s likely that the children’s section of your library will have picture books with lots of pictures and information about frogs. 

If you live near an aquarium or a zoo, you can plan a visit to go see some frogs. Aquariums often have an area to touch animals like frogs, and zoos often have a reptile house with reptiles, insects, and amphibians. So, whether you watch something, read something, or go somewhere, take some time to learn what you can about frogs.

ASL Signs

Since we’re getting to know Hopkins, and Hopkins the Frog helps us with our signing, it makes sense to also learn the sign for frog.

get to know Hopkins

Some other signs you can learn to go along with frogs are the signs for water, swim, and bug.

Get to know Hopkins 

get to know Hopkins

Hopkins is present all through our signing shows at My Signing Time. He’s in our Classic Signing Time and Potty Time shows and in our Rachel & Me series. Hopkins also shows up in Signing Time Sentences. And he even has his own exercising show, Hip Hop Hopkins

get to know Hopkins

A few of these shows are in our Watch Free section, but you can access them all with a digital subscription to My Signing Time. Try it out with a 14-day free trial here!

You can even learn how to draw Baby Hopkins in an episode of Art Time at the TreeSchool!

You can also find some fun activities and crafts to help you get to know Hopkins at the Signing Time website. There is a Hopkins coloring page, and you’ll find several Hopkins crafts on our Handy Crafts page. You can even download a silly Hopkins puzzle to cut out and let your kids assemble.

So, during this National Frog Month, what will you do to learn about frogs and get to know Hopkins?


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