Fan FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions from our fans.

Q. Are Rachel, Leah, and Alex really related?

Yes. Rachel Coleman (co-creator & host of Signing Time) is Leah’s mother. Emilie Brown (co-creator) is Alex’s mother. Rachel and Emilie are sisters; Alex and Leah are cousins.

Q. Does Rachel write the songs?

Yes, Rachel writes and sings all of those catchy songs!

Q. Who is Lex de Azevedo?

Lex is the Executive Producer, Music Director and President of Two Little Hands Productions. He is also Rachel and Emilie’s father, and Alex and Leah’s grandfather. He has had a diverse career as an accomplished musician, composer, arranger, producer, and Golden Globe Award Nominee.

Q.What does Emilie do?

Emilie is the co-creator and co-owner of Two Little Hands Productions. She completes a lot of the pre- and post-production work, which includes writing, producing, and directing.

Q. Why colored tape on the fingers?

This is not something you would ever see in a real ASL environment. However, for teaching purposes, Rachel uses blue tape on her thumbs and pointers and orange on her other fingers to help clarify finger positions. If you look at the hand shapes for A, N, S, & T and don’t know them well, it can be confusing. The colors help show the different position of fingers.

Q. How did Hopkins get his name?

Yes, Hopkins is named for Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet who was the founder of the first free school for the Deaf in America. It is a also play-on-words…Frogs do hop, you know!

Q. Can I use Signing Time in my classroom?

Sure! We’ve got some great free resources as well as curricula: Classroom Edition for PreK and elementary teachers, Preschool Program for early childhood educators, and Bible Fun for church youth leaders. If you love teaching sign language in your classroom, consider joining our Instructor team!

Q. How do I get my child into one of your shows?

We announce filming opportunities periodically in our Newsletter. If we aren’t filming right now, we still want to hear from you! We always love hearing about the difference Signing Time is making in your life. Share your story on our testimonials page or on social media.

Q. Can my child write a letter to Alex or Leah?

We always love hearing from our fans. Alex and Leah do get a fair amount of fan mail and they do read it all. Sometimes they are able to respond personally, and other times, someone from our office may respond on their behalf.

Q. Can I get advice from Rachel?

While Rachel is passionate about Signing Time and the cause behind it, she is not a trained professional and cannot provide advice or advocacy on issues related to children with special needs. Her best advice is to speak up, follow what is true for you, and be willing to work hard until you get the results you desire while respecting other people’s views.

Rachel has generously shared her life story on her blog and she posts updated for fans regularly on her Facebook page. Please do not email our customer service team with personal questions about Rachel as they are only trained and authorized to answer questions related to our products.

Q. How can I find a Signing Time class in my area?

We’ve got certified Signing Time Academy Instructors all over the world who teach classes in their communities.  Find your local Instructor.

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