Hopkins explores the different holidays and traditions around the world with you!

Hopkins had so much fun going on vacation with you and sharing #WhereIsHopkins. He wants to go on more adventures with families around the world. Share your holidays and traditions with #HopkinsHolidays.

Invite Hopkins to join you as you celebrate one of your Holidays.

  1. Simply have your Plush Hopkins with you as you celebrate your holiday
  2. Take pictures of your family with Hopkins
  3. Tell us about your holiday by filling out the information here

We will take your information and pictures and create a Holiday Factsheet to share with other Signing Time families (see examples below).

If you don’t have a Plush Hopkins you can purchase one by clicking here for $9.99. Your local Signing Time Academy Instructors worldwide will be hosting classes and #HopkinsHolidays events for you to attend, so find an Instructor near you.

We can’t wait for you to share your holiday traditions with Hopkins and our Signing Time Families. Thank you for Signing with us!

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#HopkinsHolidays Fact Sheets #HopkinsHolidays Canadian Thanksgiving

#HopkinsHolidays Fact Sheets #HopkinsHolidays Sukkot

#HopkinsHolidays Fact Sheets
#HopkinsHolidays  Shscedrivky/Old New Year (щедрівки)

#HopkinsHolidays Fact Sheets
#HopkinsHolidays Signing Time Shabbat

#HopkinsHolidays Fact Sheets
#HopkinsHolidays Shabbat

#HopkinsHolidays Christmas (USA)

Submitted by Daryl Everette, Signing Time Academy Instructor in Bradenton, FL

Signing Time Academy Instructor Megan Gardner, Taylorsville, UT
Santa and Hopkins! #hopkinsholidays #christmas #signingtimeacademy ASL Ready

Signing Time Academy Instructor Megan Gardner, Taylorsville, UT