it's a great time to take a hike

It’s A Great Time to Take a Hike with Our Kids

Here we are at Thanksgiving month, heading into what many of us consider the major holiday season. We’re getting ready to focus on food and gifts and celebrations. Winter is setting in for many of us, and our thoughts about outdoor activities may be changing with the season. Some of us are excited about snow activities, and some of us are ready to hibernate for the winter. But even with the holiday craziness approaching, there are other things to think about. Our everyday lives continue, and we have a chance to get in a little more outdoor activity before all the food and winter activities. Perhaps that’s why there is a National Take a Hike Day coming up in the middle of November, and so it’s a great time to take a hike with our kids.

Why it’s a good time to take a hike

We tend to think about hiking in the warmer weather, not as the weather gets cold. But much of our country stays reasonably warmer through the winter months. And for those of us in snowy, freezing regions, we can still figure out a way to continue hiking. Let’s see it as an extra challenge!

It can be really fun to hike in the cooler weather. First, and most obviously, it’s not so hot outside, and this makes for a more pleasant hike. While you do have to wear more layers to get started, you and your children will find that you warm up quickly. The layers come off, and they aren’t too heavy to carry in a backpack. So even with the weather cooling off, hiking is a great way to get your little ones outdoors and tired out. And if you live where it stays warm all year, it’s still a great way to get your little ones outside. You’ll just have fewer layers to carry. Either way, it’s a great time to take a hike with our kids.

Hiking helps you as a parent

Hiking helps us as parents too. It takes some effort to get your kids on the trail, but it really does benefit you too. Hiking builds up our own stamina, and it strengthens our lungs, our muscles, and our hearts. It improves our sense of balance both physically and mentally. Taking a hike relieves stress and improves our moods. Regular hiking can decrease anxiety and depression, and it can improve our overall sensory perception.

When we hike with someone, it builds our relationship. So hiking with our kids actually builds trust and brings us closer together. And hiking is a full body workout, so it can replace a trip to the gym.

Hiking helps our kids

All of the above benefits of hiking relate to our kids as well. Hiking improves their sense of balance and helps them develop coordination. It helps their lungs become strong and their bodies to become strong. Hiking builds muscles and bones for them too. And it improves their mental health.

A good hike can help you and your kids feel really good, and this feeling of togetherness and accomplishment builds your relationship together. These are great reasons to take a hike together.

Signs for your hiking adventure

In Classic Signing Time, The Great Outdoors episode teaches your kids about all kinds of outdoors signs. Your kids can learn the signs for explore, trail, stream, woods, and mountain. There are lots of animal signs too. It’s a great way to learn a bunch of signs in a fun way through singing and repetition. You can watch The Great Outdoors in your My Signing Time subscription, and if you don’t have a subscription, you can try one out with a 14-day free trial

You can find many of these signs in our free Signing Time Dictionary too!

Will you be able to take a hike, just one more hike, before the holiday craziness begins? 

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