games and puzzles for Thanksgiving week

Games and Puzzles for Thanksgiving Week

What perfect timing this is! We’re heading into a week of family gatherings and celebration, and we will need things to do, especially with children in the mix. So it’s fitting that November 20-26 is National Game and Puzzle Week. These special calendar days help us to focus and be intentional about things, and sometimes we need help like this. So let’s break out our games and puzzles for Thanksgiving week!

The entire purpose for an official Game and Puzzle Week is to bring families together. Sure, we tend to spend time together during the holidays, but often this isn’t actually real time together. We adults (and our teenagers) tend to be consumed with our devices while we send the littles off to play. 

Of course it’s great for our kids to play together with other kids, but there are other ways for us all to spend time together as well. Games and puzzles can span many ages, and they come in many forms. So let’s add games and puzzles to our Thanksgiving week activities.

There are lots of different puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles

There are the traditional jigsaw puzzles, which we spread out across a table and work through for a long time. This traditional activity can actually be really fun for a group of varied ages. Even little ones like to help find some pieces, and they can come and go as they please. In fact, parents who have to tend to their little ones also can come and go as they please without feeling like they have missed out on something.

Logic puzzles

There are many other types of puzzles too. There are logic puzzles which can be done by individuals or be solved together. Logic puzzles or games give a problem to be solved or a design to be built with the included shapes. Rubik’s cubes are also logic puzzles and can keep us engaged for quite a while. Logic puzzles come in many forms for many ages. Your little ones can enjoy building castles while your elementary aged kids free the ice cream truck while you move chocolate pieces into the correct places. See if there are some logic games your family can enjoy passing around during Thanksgiving week. These are also a good way to keep your kids busy while you are preparing for Thanksgiving.

Find something different

While you are considering puzzles to use, try searching online for unique puzzles. Your family might not like the idea of a puzzle, but if you present a really beautiful, unique type of puzzle, they are more likely to participate. I got a puzzle that had a recurring theme through three circles that fit around one another. The center circle was solid and easy for younger kids. The outer circles were increasingly difficult. I told my reluctant kids that we could just do the center and see how we liked it. Sure enough, an hour later, we were finishing the outer circle, and everyone loved it. They got that puzzle out repeatedly over the next few months.


With so many games for us to choose from, there must be something your family can enjoy during this Thanksgiving week. There are traditional board games that may be your family favorites. But there are also many new games with fun twists. 

There are cooperative games where you have to work together to beat the game. (Hint: you will always lose the first round as you learn what is important in that game. After that, you’ll remember that everyone needs water or energy or a ride to the home base.) 

Or there are silly games, so many silly games out there, that will keep your family laughing. Really, whether it’s kittens or unicorns or tacos, get a silly game.

Then there are the mafia style games like One Night Werewolf with dramatic narrations you can find online. Or the traditional Mafia game, which needs no online narration or any game pieces, but still puts you in a circle trying to figure out who the villain is.

And there are even video games that your family can enjoy together. Mario Party anyone? 

There are so many fun ways to use games and puzzles this Thanksgiving week. And as you do, you could learn some signs to go along with your games and puzzles. Of course, we can start with the sign for game.

games and puzzles for Thanksgiving week

Signs for games and puzzles

We can also learn the signs for win, together, puzzle, and team. There are over 400 signs demonstrated for you in our free Signing Time Dictionary. And our My Signing Time shows make it even easier to learn lots of signs through songs and repetition. Head over to My Signing Time and check out our Watch Free section to get an idea of the different shows. You can even try it out with a 14-day free trial! Another way to keep your kids busy during Thanksgiving prep!

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