Strengthening Our Family Relationships

Strengthening Our Family Relationships

Each year, the time between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is designated as National Family Month. These special times in our calendars help us to notice a specific part of our lives, and they help us to do something about what we find. National Family Month is meant to help families by celebrating their strengths and by supporting them in their challenges. So in the time we have before Father’s Day, let’s think about how we can celebrate the strength of our own families. And let’s look at ways that we can work on strengthening our family relationships so that we can support each other in the challenging times.

Happy families help each other out and support each other. They’re strong and resilient, even when things are difficult. It’s not that happy families don’t have hard times. Quite often, it’s the happy families who are able to make it through the hard times. So how can we help our own families become happy families and stay that way?

We have to work specifically on strengthening our family relationships. This sounds very lofty, but in reality, it is the same as changing any of our habits. We just need to build some new habits to strengthen our family relationships. And maybe you’ll read these ideas and be able to pat yourself on the back because they are habits that you already practice. Either way, here are a few simple ways to work on strengthening our family relationships.

Time Together

Relationships don’t grow without having time to do so. We all know it’s important to spend time with the people we love. So now it’s time to make that happen. Family times are important, and they are fun! These fun family times are just fun times together. So schedule a movie night or a game night together. Or plan something bigger or something more suited to what your family enjoys. But do schedule it. 

It’s important to schedule your family fun time for two reasons. First, it makes it more likely that you will go ahead and do it. And second, when it’s a regularly scheduled day and time, everyone knows to expect it and to schedule around it. So it’s protected.

This is also a great time to learn the sign for together.


Eat Some Meals Together

Life gets really busy, especially as your kids get older and more involved in different activities. It’s easy to eat separately or just grab and go with your meals. But extensive studies have been conducted that show us how important it is to eat together. Families who eat together just a few times a week show significant decreases in children who participate in negative, risky, or unhealthy activities.

So even if you can’t make a meal together happen every night, aim for just a few. And we’re talking about fully eating together – no phones, no TV, no grab-and-go. Talk together and make this a time to be truly together. Also, don’t stress if you can’t do dinners together. Breakfast and lunch together count just as much. It really takes only 3 meals a week for this to have a positive effect on your kids. Eating a few meals together is a simple way to work on strengthening your family relationships.

Work Together

We all have chores to do. Why not schedule a time to work on our chores at the same time. A family chore time is a great way to create a team spirit and to help your kids feel motivated to do their chores. Set a reasonable time, get everyone ready to start, and work until the timer goes off. You can get a lot done in 15 minutes, and no one feels like that is too much to ask. Plus, when we’re all racing the clock, it makes our chore time a game. There’s another chance to have some fun together. 

Be Supportive

One of the most important ways to work on strengthening our family relationships is to have a supportive home. When your home is a supportive environment, then each member of your family feels safe and encouraged there. Again, a happy, supportive home isn’t a perfect place. But when we support each other, we are more able to get through the tough times together.

In the business and responsibilities and weariness of our everyday lives, it can be easy to slip into irritability, complaining, or frustration. Let’s all work to be supportive during these next few weeks. Maybe we can build that habit, strengthen our family relationships, and build a supportive, happy family. 

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