Three Things Your Child Needs To Hear You Say

Raising A Confident Child: Three Things Your Child Needs To Hear From You

1. You did it! 
Nurture your child’s confidence by celebrating everyday accomplishments. Give out hugs or do the happy dance together. Help your child track progress toward a goal over time with charts and stickers. Print a certificate for a big milestone such as potty training. Or tell your child how proud your are with a song. Our favorites are Let’s Celebrate or Proud to Be Me.

2. Accidents happen.
When accidents happen, tell your child: “It’s all right. Keep trying because you will get it someday!” Use songs like Uh Oh! It’s an Accident and Itsy Bitsy Spider/Never Give Up to help you inspire your little one to keep trying, even after a setback.

3. You are important to me.
Saying “I love you” is just one way to help your child feel loved and secure. Some of our Signing Time Instructors shared their favorite ways to express love to their kids:

  • When I have to leave on trips and they are asleep, I put on bright red lipstick and leave a kiss on the back their hands to find when they wake up. – Kim
  • We enjoy a big ticklefest and sing silly songs. We also use the book Kissing Hand (and then draw a kiss on the hand with marker) when we have to be apart for a day and one of the kids is feelign nervous about it. – Heidi
  • Our songs are “You are My Sunshine” and Goodnight Baby (You Are the World to Me.) – Kelly
  • My second child isn’t as lovey as my first, so we often do ILY hands and “kiss” our hands together. – Megan

Get the songs!

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