Signing for Success

Signing Time Testimonial by: Loretta A.

Signing Time was key to making my life and my kid’s lives so much better. It gave my kids the ability to communicate long before they could speak. All the moms around me taught the basic baby signs. My kids were signing more of their needs, and I was able to avoid so many tantrums because of a new sign they learned from one of the Signing Time videos.

Here was what also happened: My kids spoke long before the other kids their age, and they kept wanting to learn more. From ages 3-7 my kids were understanding concepts much quicker as well. My kids were all reading chapter books by kindergarten. They understood how to share, talk to friends, and many other life lessons talked about in the Signing Time videos.

There is something about adding a tactile part to learning that gives the kids a (excuse the pun) hands on experience that seals the lesson into their head. At least that is my theory. As a parent, it has helped me see the benefit of incorporating many different learning styles to help kids succeed.

My kids are now in robotics programs in high school and middle school and have top scores in other subjects. I also have one child testing for 2nd degree black belt soon. Every time a new mother asks me how I got my kids where they are, I always tell them to get Signing Time. Always. It will teach them and open their minds. It will open up communication between you and them. In the end, positive loving communication is the most important thing between a parent and a child. With all that frustration gone and loving communication in its place, a child can’t possibly fail.

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