Baby Signing Time Testimonials

With Baby Signing Time 3 and 4 coming soon, we thought we’d share with you the experiences some families have had with Baby Signing Time 1 & 2.

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Baby Signing Time Helped Me With My Colicky Child

by Gina T.
Chapel Hill, NC

When our first child was born, she was the prime example of a colicky baby, or so we thought.  This little girl would cry nonstop all day with no end in sight and no solution would appease her…until we found Baby Signing Time!  One of the first signs that Kylie learned was “sleep”.  Out of the blue one day after we tried our best to calm her down, get her to eat, and try just about anything to stop her from crying, she crawled over to her crib and signed “sleep”.  She made the connection that she was tired and wanted to sleep and was finally able to tell us!  From that time on, she caught up on her sleep and was never colicky again.  The “colic” was a lack of sleep…and Baby Signing Time solved that one for us!

My Daughter Signed ‘More Baby Signing Time Please’

by Jessica E.
Spring, TX

My daughter is a huge fan of all things Signing Time, and Baby Signing Time is no exception. How funny and entertaining it was for my daughter! She knew most of the signs from the original series but watching the animated Leah, Alex and Hopkins was hilarious for her. She laughed every time Baby Hopkins would stick out his tongue and catch a bug. She absolutely loved her Baby Signing Time and would ask for it everyday. The music CD became routine whenever we were in the van and she would listen to the whole CD and then request MORE PLEASE MORE. I couldn’t refuse especially when she signed it so sweetly!

Baby Signing Time Helped Me Understand What My Son Was Thinking

by Melissa F.
Powell, OH

When my youngest son was about 14 months old, he was swinging by himself and I was talking with another mom and watching our older kids play. I kept looking over at Nick and thinking I would give anything to know what he is thinking. Later I looked over and he was signing mom, dad, more, eat, water, cereal, cat, etc. and I realized he was signing all the words he had learned from Baby Signing Time! He wasn’t signing to anyone, just running through the signs in his head. It was amazing to see what he was thinking. It was a touching moment as a mother and one that I will never forget.

Pappy Sings Diaper Dance

Kim Ley
Mom of 4 year old and 9 month old
Willow Grove, PA

I love Baby Signing Time!  The songs are so perfect for babies; fun catchy tunes with just enough repetition to hold a babies interest (and diverse enough to hold mine!!).   Even Pappy (my father) sings the diaper dance!

I Used to Sign “Cracker” Like This…

Janine K.
Blacksburg, VA

When my daughter first signed ‘cracker’ at about 12 months old, she raised her left arm high in the air and scratched her armpit with her right hand. While this wasn’t exactly correct, she was so proud of herself! Most importantly, we knew exactly what she wanted!  By the time she was about 18 months old, her imperfect sign for cracker became more exact and she tapped her elbow instead of scratching her armpit! When her baby sister started signing and enjoying Baby Signing Time, she proudly taught her baby sister the proper sign for ‘cracker’ and liked us to tell her how she used to do it when she was little.

My older daughter was about 16 months old during the Christmas season. When learning about Santa, she would sign ‘Grandpa.’ Each time she saw a picture or reference of ‘Santa’ she would get excited and sign ‘Grandpa!’ During this time, we watched Baby Signing Time and through the song ‘Mom has a Mom’, we think she finally started to understand who the grandpas are in our family!

No More Tantrums

Tammy T.
South Jordan, UT

When my now 10-year-old daughter was two, she wasn’t talking yet.  This was a very frustrating time for me.  She would throw temper tantrums and I could never figure out why until a few years ago.  I purchased Baby Signing Time 1 and started watching it with my five-month-old son.  By the time he was 9 months old he started using signs to show me what he wanted.  I then began to understand why my daughter threw those tantrums.  She couldn’t communicate with me.  The closeness I have felt with my son has been awesome as I have been able to watch Baby Signing Time with him and know and understand what he was signing.  After those first couple of signs he has just taken off and he loves signing.

I love the songs in Baby Signing Time.  The one that particularly touched me is called “A Hard Day.”  I was having a hard day. Nothing was going right and after listening to that song, I just sat and held my little boy and kissed him and hugged him and I felt like everything was right.

Being able to sign and communicate with my son has been so powerful and my son is now talking and I know it is because of watching Baby Signing Time.

Thank You Signing Time for such a wonderful gift.  The gift of communication!

Mom Has a Mom

Stacey H.
Rocklin, CA

We love Baby Signing Time! at our house.  We have five children and the big kids love it as much as the babies.  Our four-year-old is speech delayed and Baby Signing Time has been great for her.  She loves the song “Mom has a Mom.”  A new baby has just arrived into our family and our four-year-old loves to pretend she is the mommy.  She teases me while holding the baby and while giggling, signs that she is the mommy and that I’m the daddy.  Our two-year-old uses signs he learned from Baby Signing Time everyday.  By signing he makes it easy for us to understand what he needs.  The music in Baby Signing Time is perfectly geared toward little singers to sign and sing all the words taught on the DVD.  Our family would be lost without Baby Signing Time!

My Two-Year-Old Taught His Grandparents How to Sign

Shanci C.
Preston, ID

We started signing with my son when he was 9 months old and didn’t really know how well he would do.  Imagine our delight when he signed “milk” the first day!  His favorite signs were “cold” and “scared”.  He was so animated that it brought chuckles from people around him.   As his signing vocabulary grew, we learned more about what he was really thinking or what would catch his eye.

When Baby Signing Time was released my son was so excited to learn the signs for “grandma” and “grandpa”, since we were temporarily living in their home.  The really neat thing about that situation was watching a two-year-old teach his grandparents how to communicate with him using the signs he had been learning from his new Baby Signing Time DVD!!  Now he is four years old and he still loves watching the Baby Signing Time videos and listening to the Baby Signing Time songs when we are in the truck.  He is so excited to teach his new baby sister how to sign with him and is even willing to share his treasured Baby Signing Time videos with her!

Honk if You Love Signing Time

Janel B.
Mother of 2
Sacramento, CA

We listen to Signing Time songs most often when we are driving in the car. One day while listening to “Here I Go” my son Tyler (who was 2 at the time) was fascinated with the sign for BUS. While he was signing “bus” a truck driver (with a big semi truck) pulled up along side us at a traffic light, he saw my son signing and the truck driver thought my 2-year-old was asking him to honk his horn. So the trucker waved and honked his big horn. My son was so happy, and the adults in the car had a good laugh.

My 18-Month Old Speaks over 150 words

Danielle S.
Winston-Salem, NC

I am a former kindergarten teacher whose toddler loves Baby Signing Time!  We began teaching our son sign language using the Signing Time DVDs when he was five months old.  By the time he was one year old he had over 25 signs that he used regularly. What a blessing to have a son who could tell me what he wanted or needed at such a young age. At 18 months he could speak over a 150 words!  Over half of his spoken words were words that he could also sign.  We only allowed him to watch one of the Signing Time DVDs per day and this was his only exposure to television prior to age two.  The Baby Signing Time Series uses music and age appropriate illustrations to teach young children vocabulary in a second language.  Our family has been blessed by our son’s ability to communicate clearly his wants and needs.  Everywhere we go, strangers stop and ask us how old he is.  They are always surprised that he is only two years old because of his verbal skills.  I always tell them it is because of the Signing Time DVDs!

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