New places to view Signing Time Video Clips


I am excited to tell you that we have added Signing Time video clips to two video-hosting websites!! It is fun to see the growth of Two Little Hands Productions where we can share clips from several volumes of Signing Time as well as some of the behind the scenes clips. I enjoy seeing the broad spectrum of people that have become fans, and enjoy reading the testimonials that are submitted and finding out how people first heard about Signing Time.

Sign Language Tube is a pretty new site that is still in the beginning stages. It hosts videos, forums, groups and blogs that are related to sign language. This site gives users the ability to share information with those who are looking for American Sign Language products and information.

Totlol is website that hosts videos appropriate for children under 13. Each video is screened to make sure it fits specific features and guidelines before it is posted on the site. Signing Time shares the space with videos by several other children’s programs including Disney, PBS, Noggin and more.

Last but not least, our tech guy Mike just created the group “signingtime”. You can view our clips on the Signing Time Channel.

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