Rachel and the TreeSchoolers Activity Guide for Parents

TreeSchoolers Parent Guide

Rachel and the TreeSchoolers is a show for preschoolers from the makers of Signing Time. Episode 1: A Rainy Day, teaches important concepts related to weather. Rachel Coleman and her TreeSchooler friends teach Abacus Finch that things like lightning and thunder aren’t as frightening if you learn to understand them. Rachel and the TreeSchoolers actively involves your child in learning through music, movement and fun. Now you can help extend your child’s TreeSchoolers learning experience at home with the TreeSchoolers “A Rainy Day” Activity Guide for Parents, which includes:

  • Four main language and literacy activities
  • Lots of follow-up activity suggestions
  • My Rainy Day Book Template
  • Character Cards
  • Word Cards
  • Song Lyrics
  • Certificates

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