A Window into His Mind

by Megan McWilliams, Master Signing Time Instructor

While on a walk, my 16 month son took interest in an electrical box surrounded by a decorative fence. We were only one house from home, so I was anxious to keep moving. He pointed to and babbled about the box for a while. Since I was unable to convince him to continue walking, I  signed and told him “ELECTRICITY BOX DON’T TOUCH” knowing he had never seen the signs for electricity or box before. He replied by signing back “BED.”MMBlog

The window into his mind was opened up to me through that one sign. He was able to communicate with me that the electrical box in our neighbor’s front yard reminded him of his crib…..and it was almost time for a nap! Or maybe he was enjoying the weather so much he wanted to take his nap outside! Either way, without his ability to sign the reason why he was interested in the electrical box would have been lost.

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