We love Signing Times!

We love Signing Time!

Signing Time user Brit-Simone from Organic Living Diva wrote a wonderful blog about the benefits of signing with your child. We wanted to share her excellent post with you!
Brit-Simone started using sign language with her 6 month old daughter, Skylar. They use Signing Time, Baby Signing Time, and Rachel and the TreeSchoolers programs. Brit-Simone has researched the benefits and scientific reasons why teaching sign language to your baby is such a great idea.
From Organic Living Diva:
  • “Skylar talks about the planets in the solar system, how salt dissolves ice, and things like particles and outer space on a daily basis. She knows hundreds of signs and her vocabulary exploded when she began talking around two years old.
  • “The first 100 words we all learned covered basic needs, animals, colors, food, feelings, manners and more.”
  • “I believe the videos have helped our daughter learn the alphabet, count, and facilitate exploding her vocabulary with an array of words and topics she may not have yet been exposed to at such a young age otherwise.”
  • “By the time our daughter was three, we have found that she has not only learned hundreds, if not more than a thousand by now, of signs.”
  • “My husband and I can clearly see how sign language has influenced our daughter’s growth. We also heard from other people around her third year how well spoken and articulate she is for her age.”
  • “It’s not often you hear a toddler talking about gravity, moon phases and a gibbous moon. But thanks to this program (Rachel & the TreeSchoolers), you can go through the solar system and back, discover animals all over the world, learn table manners and general health and nutrition, plus sign.”

Read Brit-Simone’s full blog post on Organic Living Diva.

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