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Not only can you continue watching right where you left off, you can now create your own custom playlist.

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We are so excited to offer a variety of playlists that allow for continuous play. The following are the playlists currently offered in the order they appear on My Signing Time. Make sure to click on ‘Show more’ or you will miss out.

Free Previews – Check out a sample of what we offer before you sign up. You can also share these videos with your friends.

Baby Signing Time – Watch full episodes of Baby Signing Time, Potty Time, and Signing Time Nursery Rhymes back to back followed by each video broken down into chapters, sign reviews and then the special features.

Baby Joy Joy – Join Baby Joy Joy and friends in your favorite nursery rhymes. Watch Alexandria Wailes, deaf actress, dancer, and educator as she interprets the videos in American Sign Language. Watch and learn as you sing and sign! Nursery rhymes have never been so fun!

Rachel & the TreeSchoolers – Watch full episodes of Rachel & the TreeSchoolers back to back followed by sign reviews and special features.

Signing Time Classic Season One – Watch full episodes of Signing Time Season One back to back followed by each video broken down into chapters, sign reviews and then the special features.

Rachel & Me – Rachel and her Signing Time friends talk about different topics related to a favorite Signing Time original song. Join Rachel in her classroom and learn about the world around you. Her special friend, Hopkins the Frog, joins in for the fun.

Hip Hop Hopkins – Hop Hop Hopkins is all about movement and fun with Hopkins & friends. NOTE: This video is not an ASL signing video – its intention is to provide a fun way to exercise.

Signing Time Bonus Videos – Signing Time Nursery Rhymes, Story Time, Sing & Sign, Practice Time, and Signing Time Christmas.

Sign Reviews and Bonus Signs – Sign Reviews from Baby Signing Time, Signing Time, and Rachel & the TreeSchoolers. Plus Bonus Signs from the Special Features.

Signing Time Classic Season Two – Watch full episodes of Signing Time Season One back to back followed by sign reviews and then the special features. Don’t miss the Holiday signs teaching you ASL signs for your favorite times of the year.

Signing Time Sentences – Signing Time Sentences teaches beginning ASL to kids ages 4 and up. Alex, Leah, Rachel, and Hopkins the Frog are back! Signing Time Sentences builds upon the one thousand vocabulary words taught in the original Signing Time series. Learn how to put signs together in sentences with ASL grammar. There are two editions of each episode: Leah’s Voice On (for beginners), and Leah’s Voice Off (for more advanced practice).

Signing Time Series One Spanish – Watch Signing Time Season One Volumes 1-3 with Spanish voice over and subtitles.

Parents – 12 Baby Signing Time Classes, the Baby Signing Time Video Parent Guide and additional information about American Sign Language and our products.

Music Videos – Some of the most requested songs from Baby Signing Time, Potty Time, Signing Time, and Rachel & the TreeSchoolers.

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Accessing Music, PDFs, and eBooks

All music, PDFs, and eBooks are available for download, but do not open on or the My Signing Time App. The music can be imported to your music player of choice. Some devices will even show that the MP3s, PDFs, and eBooks are not compatible.


If the product you’ve purchased/rented/subscribed to has digital bonus content attached with it, you can download it from the browse page:

  1. Head to the My Signing Time Browse page.
  2. Click through to the product or collection you own.
  3. Scroll down below the videos listed in the product.
  4. Click which bonus content you want to download and it will save.

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If you purchased individual videos and products, including the Curriculums.

IMPORTANT: If you previously purchased individual products and/or the Classroom or Preschool Curriculums, they are not supported on our new My Signing Time App and MySigningTime.comYour videos, ebooks, music and pdfs will still be supported on Platform Purple. To view purchased items, login at Click on Library to see your products. If you use the app on your devices, please download the Purple Play App.

TO ACCESS YOUR VIDEOS, FLASHCARDS, MUSIC, and/or eBooks you will need to download and login to the Purple Play app or Use the same login you have been using, no need to reset your password.

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