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What's Next? My Signing Time

What’s Next After Baby Signing Time?

We often get asked what’s next after Baby Signing Time. While all of our shows can be used simultaneously there are also several different options to support your child’s sign vocabulary as well as teaching them the process of learning. Potty Time, Baby Joy Joy, and Signing Time Nursery Rhymes may be used with Baby Signing Time and/or with our preschool programs, Rachel & the TreeSchoolers and Rachel & Me. For Homeschoolers, Preschools, and Child Care Centers we also offer the Signing Time Preschool & Child Care Program that offers a complete curriculum based on the four Baby Signing Time …

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Get the Most Out of My Signing Time

With the recent update to My Signing Time you can now customize your viewing experience for your family! Not only can you continue watching right where you left off, you can now create your own custom playlist. New Playlists We are so excited to offer a variety of playlists that allow for continuous play. The following are the playlists currently offered in the order they appear on My Signing Time. Make sure to click on ‘Show more’ or you will miss out. Free Previews – Check out a sample of what we offer before you sign up. You can also …

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New & Improved My Signing Time

New & Improved My Signing Time

You asked, so we delivered! My Signing Time has been updated and is available now. We are excited and confident that our newly updated app will give you an amazing viewing experience! Here is what’s new: A better user experience with intuitive interface Playlists – create your own, or use our series playlists Music Videos Parent Resources – PDFs, videos, and more. Improved Support – DEVICES: Go to Profile, then Contact Support. COMPUTER OR SMART TV, click on the Help link at the top of the screen. In-app account management More ways to view – Computer, Smart TV, Android, iOS, FireTV, Roku, and Chromecast. Current Subscribers – Your current subscriptions …

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See Our First Fully ASL Interpreted Show

We have heard your request and are are happy to announce our first fully ASL interpreted show. This amazing show is available exclusively to our My Signing Time Subscribers. Baby Joy Joy is an educational, animated show for early learning with original songs and fun versions of classic nursery rhymes. These special Baby Joy Joy Sing & Sign volumes feature a live ASL interpreter, Alexandria Wailes, deaf actress, dancer, and educator. Words are displayed at the bottom of the video so you can sing & sign along. Each volume contains 3 to 5 songs. In 2016 we stared the Baby …

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How Do I Teach My Child About Being Safe?

How Do I Teach My Child About Being Safe?

Think about the warnings you were given as child. They often invoked fear and stress. You may have been taught things like “Stranger Danger”, “You will get hit by a car”, “You will get burned”, and other similar messages in an effort to teach safety. For many, these left opportunities to see how far you could push it before you got hurt. Being honest, but not scaring your child is key to helping them stay safe. Being proactive in teaching your children ways to keep them safe and aware of their surroundings provides them with confidence and security. There are …

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How Do I Teach My Children to Want Healthy Meals and Snacks

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Healthy from the Start By 4 to 6 months, most infants are ready to be introduced to solid foods along with breast-feeding or formula-feeding. Since most infants don’t have teeth at this stage they use their tongue to move the food in the mouth so they are able to swallow it. Start with simple foods with a single ingredient with no added salt or sugar. Most Pediatricians recommended starting with baby cereal that contains iron and zinc. Then every 3 to 7 days introduce a new fruit or vegetable. It is important to feed your child a variety of …

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How to Start Potty Training

There are endless ways to go about potty training. From diaperless babies, potty training boot camp, to waiting for signs of readiness, to pull-ups or underwear or commando… parents actually have a lot of decisions to make when embarking on potty training! In short, these programs (which you often purchase) promise that with a determined attitude, solid plan, hard work, and an intense few days, you can have a fully potty trained toddler, often in three days (or less!). But does this method work? And is it best for kids? The answer, much like the choices described above, completely depends on the kiddo and …

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Where to Buy Baby Signing Time

Are you looking for the best place to buy Baby Signing Time? We have three great ways to purchase our baby sign language videos. 1) You can buy the Complete Baby Signing Time Digital Library at for $69.99. The Baby Signing Time Complete Library includes: Ep. 1: It’s Baby Signing Time – Video + Music MP3s + eBook Ep. 2: Here I Go – Video + Music MP3s + eBook Ep. 3: A New Day – Video + Music MP3s + eBook Ep. 4: Let’s Be Friends – Video + Music MP3s + eBook Signing Time Nursery Rhymes – Video + MP3s Goodnight Baby Lullabies – Music …

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Free Baby Signing Time Support Printables

As you learn signs taught in Baby Signing Time, print off our Progress Charts and check off each sign you and your child(ren) learn. You will be amazed at how many signs you know! Baby Signing Time Progress Chart  Our fans tell us that it’s the music that makes Baby Signing Time so special. Here you’ll find all the lyrics for songs found on the videos and music files (you can find videos and MP3 music files on Download Baby Signing Time Volumes 1 & 2 Lyrics  | Listen to Music Preview Song titles include: Baby Signing Time Theme Eat & Drink …

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Internet Movie Database (IMDb) Poll Includes Signing Time

Have you ever heard of the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)? It is a site for movie and TV buffs to share and find information. Over 250,000,000 people visit the site each month! One popular feature is the user poll, and this week they are asking people about their favorite PBS children’s show. “Signing Time” is one of only 15 choices! We would love for you to check out the poll, vote for your favorite, and check the current standings. To vote, you’ll need to be a registered user, and registration is free. If you have time, vote in some of the other …

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