Oh the Places We’ve Been – Thank You For Signing with Us

Words can not express the amazing experiences over the last 14 years. Our hearts are full as we read the for the hundreds of emails, reviews, and letters we receive. It has been a privilege to met so many of you at playgroups, speaking engagements, concerts and other events. YOU our part of our Signing Time Families.

In 2002, Rachel Coleman and her sister Emilie created the first Signing Time video to help their friends and family members learn sign language so they could communicate with Rachel’s daughter, Leah, who is deaf.  We have been so blessed to see how American Sign Language given communication to thousands for children who would not have a voice otherwise.

We want to thank the Deaf Community for sharing their beautiful language to assist so many families. We want to thank the thousands of families who have become part of our family. We dedicate this video to YOU. Thank you for signing with us!

Our vision of the world is one in which all children – regardless of their abilities – can express themselves, feel valued and understood, and be supported in achieving their full potential. This would not be possible with out American Sign Language.

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