Rachel Gets to Be an Angel – Dressed in Orange

The ultimate joy is to be a child’s wish – and to be able to fulfill that wish for her.


Making Wishes Come True

By Rachel Coleman – In loving memory of Lindsey Rose

One of the true honors in my life is my involvement with Make-A-Wish. When I receive requests for Signing Time Wishes, I am thrilled. A Wish Kid can wish for anything. Anything… and some kids wish for me.

MAW: “We have a Signing Time Wish! There’s a girl in Alaska and she wants to meet her favorite celebrity, Rachel Coleman. She’s 14 and has watched you every day since she was 2 years old.”

RC: “She wants to meet me? That will never do! Let’s do something really special. I could come to Alaska and throw her a private concert so her friends and family can be a part of the Wish. I’ll bring every Two Little Hands product we’ve made. I’ll make her a Signing Time VIP, she’ll receive every thing we make for the rest of her life.”

October 2, 2015 

Anchorage, Alaska

The limo pulled up and Lindsey hopped out followed by her entourage. Grandparents, cousins, aunts had flown in to share this day with Lindsey. Her mom, her dad, her brother, long-time caregiver, and even one of her cardiologists all attended! Mom warned me that Lindsey might be shy, might not participate and may be overwhelmed. “That’s okay. I’ve worked with thousands of kids with varying abilities. I’ve got her.”

Hopkins and I put on a show! Lindsey joined us on stage. She signed. She sang. She stole the show. I presented Lindsey with her very own, orange, “Rachel Jacket.” She put it on and from what I hear, she kept it on through the night.


January 8, 2016 

Eagle River, Alaska

Flowers. Toys. Blankets. Photographs.

Familiar faces. Aunts. Cousins. Mom. Dad. Brother. Caregivers. Teachers. Doctors.

A small orange “Rachel Jacket” hangs at the front of the chapel.

“If you knew Lindsey, you likely knew me. For the past 12 years, Lindsey has taken me, in some form, pretty much everywhere. I’m honored to have been so loved by Lindsey.”

Through tears, I sing Shine – “and Lindsey will do what Lindsey will do, when Lindsey is ready to do it. And she’ll do it. In her own time. She’ll shine. Shine your light on me. And everyone will see. I am so glad you are mine. And you’ll shine in your own time.”

Then Shining Star – “You are my shining star and I know who you are. You are my shining star.”

Lastly, I sing Goodnight Baby – “Good night Lindsey. I hope you have sweet dreams. We’ve turned the page on this day and now it’s time to sleep.”

Lindsey’s family, thank you for inviting me into your home to teach and sing and sign with your daughter. Thank you Make-A-Wish America and Make-A-Wish Washington and Alaska for granting wishes.

Lindsey, thank you for wishing for me!

~Rachel Coleman

Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington filmed a video of Lindsey’s special concert, performed by Rachel.

Read the entire story about Lindsey’s wish here.

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