We Have October ASL Signs for You!

October brings autumn leaves, shorter days, cooler weather, and comfort foods. October is also a time to celebrate Cookie Month, National Pizza Month, and National Popcorn Popping Month and, of course, Halloween. Here are some fun signs to practice in October! Cookie Here is one of our favorite cookie recipes for you to try – Peanut Butter Blossoms.   Popcorn   Pizza PIZZA has several regional variants, It can be fingerspelled, making a “P” hand while signing a “Z”, are two ways. We’ve included the Silly Pizza Song to make learning PIZZA even more fun! See if you can follow Rachel as she …

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Does Sign Language Help Reading Skills?

As going back to school is upon us, we wanted to share with you the benefits of using sign language to improve reading and language skills. Teaching your baby sign language is very popular to begin to communicate with you. Researchers have found that using sign language is very beneficial for older children. When a child learns a letter of the alphabet they see the letter, say the letter, and sign the letter. The same for spelling a word. The child uses the sign to spell the word while saying the letters or sounds. When a child sees a word, …

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One Family’s Story – Sign Language to Law School

One of the most wonderful gifts we get here at Two Little Hands is hearing how sign language has made a difference in families lives. We received this story from a family in Indiana and we had to share it with you. Thank you, Bob, for taking the time to share your story with us. Sign Language at 3, to Law School, to Signing with Grandchildren I wanted to tell you about what happened almost 40 years ago. My wife and I decided to take a signing class at our church. One evening we were eating supper and our first daughter …

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Learn Color Signs plus Free Coloring eBooks

It’s Back-to-School and the perfect time to learn your colors. (Perfect savings, too!) Why not learn the colors of the rainbow – and put them to practice with our free coloring ebooks? Join in with the kids for a fun after-school activity. Learn ASL signs for colors This song from Box of Crayons is a fun way to help your child learn American Sign Language signs for all the colors of the rainbow – and then some! [youtube] Practice the Signs Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Pink Purple White Black Brown Silver Gold Get the Video at a special price – just for you. Click here …

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Proven Benefits of Using Sign Language With Your Kids

By Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed., C.H.C. Baby sign language has lots of benefits and many people are on board with signing with babies. But what about using sign language for kids who have developed some spoken language? Should you still sign? While there may naturally be a (sometimes temporary) downturn in using sign after spoken language emerges, we say stick with it! The benefits are vast. In fact, we have 60 great reasons to keep signing compiled for you here. A big shout out and thanks to our amazing Signing Time Facebook communities for helping with this list! You should still sign …

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It’s Christmas in July – $10 DVD Sale – Autographed Christmas DVD

$10 DVD Sale! Our biggest sale of the year starts TODAY! Get any single Baby Signing Time, Signing Time, Potty Time, Nursery Rhymes, or TreeSchoolers DVD for just $10 each until Tuesday, July 31, 2018. While supplies last.  Quantities are limited, so order soon. (Collections, Learning Systems, or Sets not included in sale.) You can’t beat $10 per DVD, so stock up for baby showers, birthday parties, special occasions, and thank-you gifts. Please help teachers, librarians, doctors, therapists, and children’s charities in your community take advantage of this sale by sharing this post with them now. Signing Time Christmas – Autographed by Rachel The …

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Create a Hand-y Craft: Summer Scrapbook

Make a summer scrapbook with your child this summer! Download page templates and directions now   Want more pages? Download these Signing Time sign checklists & more on our Resource Page   Summer Time = Learning Time Did you know you can get every video from Signing Time, Baby Signing Time, TreeSchoolers Science, and more with our digital subscription? Visit for details. Make this summer a learning time for your family and have a blast doing it! Ready to try it out? You will get the first 14-days for FREE! ($9.99 per month after the trial). “Access to so …

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Summer Activities with Signing Time

Summertime is the perfect time to wiggle, create and play, so enjoy these fun activities to help you do just that. Have fun making a tambourine, tracking the weather, learning about healthy eating, and much, much more. Uddering Signs – Learn where milk comes from. Doodle Time – This group activity will help you practice signs with play and a drawing game. Family Tree – Learn more about your family while doing a fun craft. Water Cycle – With the help from an adult, you can learn about the water cycle.

The Advantages of Signing in the Classroom and Homeschool

Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed., revised by Rose Turnbow Teachers in a classroom setting and families who homeschool their children have a wonderful opportunity to choose curriculum and activities tailored exactly to children’s needs and interests. Let’s look at some of the ways that signing with your child or class can be integrated into your day. Capitalize on learning strengths Children learn in different ways and through a variety of strengths. Sign language taps into tactile (touch), auditory, visual, and kinesthetic (movement) ways of communicating. Signing appeals to many ages, making it ideal to use when you are working with more than one child. …

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