Sign of the Week – Milk

It’s Tuesday… here’s your sign of the week!

This Week’s Featured Sign: Milk

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Signing Time Volume 1 – My First Signs

The very first DVD in the Signing Time Series! From their magical animated treehouse, Alex (age 3), his cousin Leah (age 4) who is deaf, and host Rachel Coleman (Leah’s mom) teach beginning American Sign Language (ASL) signs with your child in a fun and playful way.

One review from teechrmom7 reads: Volume 1 is still a favorite in my classroom even after the kids have seen it dozens of times. One student with Down Syndrome has been watching it for over 4 years and always picks this one when he gets to choose. My students love to sign and sing along with Rachel, Alex and Leah.

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3 thoughts on “Sign of the Week – Milk”

  1. Oh! What another surprise. My son,Mark ,just loves the word Milk. Everyday we make time to go to your website and sign each word. He is learning more and more each day. Thank you for giving us this wonderful time together.

    We love your website so much.

    Flo(Mommy) & Mark

  2. I was so excited about the new “Sign of the Week” announcement that I immediately signed up for it. I am very disappointed! We already own every dvd and book you offer so I was really looking forward to seeing new signs! My son absolutely loves them, however we wish you would stop repeating the same signs!
    Our son, Jacen, has Down Syndrome and is not deaf, but he has difficulty speaking and ASL has so enhanced his ability to communicate. Actually, we have checked other videos out but none capture his attention and interest as much as Signing Time. We love Rachel, Alex and Leah and, of course, Hopkins. Please, please include new signs and not just the ones covered in your videos!

    Kelly Davis and Jacen

  3. I know you can’t please everyone, but I do LOVE the simple daily signs. Signs that are used everyday. So while some kids are more advanced… My child while 9 yrs., is mentally just 1+ So I LOVE these simple signs. I too have the full DVD set, but love these one word reminders via the email. I need to learn these signs myslef and this is a great way.

    If you are to add more difficult/advance word signs, please keep the simple words too.. Thank you.
    ThereseAnn, mom to Natalia

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