Sign of the Week – Want

It’s Tuesday… here’s your sign of the week!

This Week’s Featured Sign: Want

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Signing Time Volume 1 – My First Signs

he very first DVD in the Signing Time Series! From their magical animated treehouse, Alex (age 3), his cousin Leah (age 4) who is deaf, and host Rachel Coleman (Leah’s mom) teach beginning American Sign Language (ASL) signs with your child in a fun and playful way.

One review from teechrmom7 reads: Volume 1 is still a favorite in my classroom even after the kids have seen it dozens of times. One student with Down Syndrome has been watching it for over 4 years and always picks this one when he gets to choose. My students love to sign and sing along with Rachel, Alex and Leah.

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  1. i just love when you send me a new sign. i watched you on the pbs chanel when it was on and love to learn new signs. i took a class when i was in college but did not finished it, now i wished that i have. thank you again for sending the signs.

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