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Fish in Sign Language

Learn how to sign fish in ASL (American Sign Language) and have some fun with this slippery water creature!

  1. This sign can be done with one hand or two. To do it with two hands start with two flat hands, palms facing each other, slightly staggered. The front hand rests a few inches forward, and you press the fingertips of the second hand into the palm of the first. This is the fish’s body.
  2. Keeping hands connected, wiggle your hands forward in a waving motion, like a fish swimming through the water.
  3. To do this sign with one hand, simply use the first hand as above: place one hand in front of you, palm flat, and fingers pointing away from you. Wiggle and wave your hand forward.
  4. Either way, this sign looks like a fish swimming through the water. Use this visual to help you remember the sign!

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign fish in ASL

  • Activities for children that are centered around pretending to be animals are always a hit! Even on dry land you can wiggle and giggle your way through pretending to be a fish. How do their bodies move? What funny faces to they make when they breathe through gills? Sign fish as you go!
  • Try to visit an aquarium, either a museum sized one or even a small one in someone’s home. Observe the fish. Do you notice different sizes, colors, and ways of swimming? Practice signing as you talk about each one.

Your hands swim like a fish, or you can use one hand. Fish!

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