Sign Language Dictionary

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Toys in Sign Language

Learn how to sign toys. Do you have some favorites?

1. This sign is finger spelled. Hold one hand with the palm facing out and form each letter. You can slide your hand just slightly between each letter but don’t bounce it.
2. T: Make a fist and stick the thumb up between the pointer and middle finger.
3. O: Touch all your fingertips together
4. Y: Extend your pinky and thumb out to the sides and tuck the remaining fingertips into the palm.
5. S: Make a fist.

Teaching Tips:

  • Basic sign language for babies can start with the things they already love – like their toys. Use the word frequently and sign it: “Let’s play with your toys!” “I see you have your favorite toys!” “We’re going out! Let’s bring some toys!” Eventually your child will connect the sign with the playthings and start signing about them too!
  • For slightly older children, this is a good opportunity to practice basic sentences. First sign clean and then sign toys. Clean up your toys!

Toys. You finger spell: T-O-Y-S. Toys. Let’s try it together. Toys.