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So many of you have said, “Rachel would make the perfect preschool teacher!” Now you can send your child to preschool with Rachel & the TreeSchoolers! In this premier episode, “Rainy Day,” Rachel and her friends ask questions, sing songs, and explore the world of weather to help Abacus Finch learn why he doesn’t have to be afraid of thunder and lightning. As with the Signing Time and Potty Time shows, Rachel and the TreeSchoolers is filled with catchy songs with powerful messages that boost confidence and self esteem.
Watch this clip from the show: Itsy Bitsy Spider / Never Give Up

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbhcO91p768]

The first episode, “Rainy Day,” will be released as a DVD + Music CD set this month.
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Rachel & the TreeSchoolers DVD + Music CD