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holiday games for busy, happy kids

Holiday Games for Busy, Happy Kids

The holiday season keeps us busy, even in this 2020 pandemic time, with planning and wrapping, baking and gifting. In these busy times, you may need your kids to stay occupied. With a little planning ahead, you can prep some simple holiday games to keep your kids busy and happy while you get things done. Games and fun are our kids’ language for learning. If it’s fun, it will stick in their minds so much better. We can keep them busy and help them learn at the same time with these holiday games for busy, happy kids. Since kids love …

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holiday stories to read with your kids

Holiday Stories to Read to Your Kids

The holiday season is filled with traditions and extras. We enjoy the treats and fun associated with whichever holiday our family celebrates. In between all the joy-filled traditions and fun, why not cuddle up with your kids and dig into some holiday stories? The holidays are a wonderful time to discover some new books or even to enjoy them again for another year.  Favorite holiday books could become part of your holiday traditions. So let’s look at some holiday stories to read to your kids. We love using our signs and songs to establish a reading together routine. Let’s start …

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Make this holiday season fun and special

Make This Holiday Season Fun and Special

The holidays have always been about people. We are so grateful for you, the people that make our community so special. We hope your holiday is season is bright. This year, 2020, to start your season off right our gift to you is Signing Time Christmas, available to stream for free on our My Signing Time app. The decorations, the food, the gifts – they were always supposed to be about the people we love. It’s about making them smile, enjoying the extra time with them, celebrating life with them.  The memories and traditions are really about being together.  People …

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gratitude in the holiday season

The Power of Gratitude this Holiday Season

Many of us are coming out of a week of gratitude, and as usual, many of us are charging full speed ahead into the holiday season. This year, it seems that we are all so excited to jump into our December holidays. After months of pandemic burdens, people are ready to celebrate something, to enjoy traditions, to put up the decorations and bring joy to their communities. In my own community, I’m seeing more holiday decorations out than ever before, and they’ve been out for a few weeks now. We’re all ready for some joy, and this visible declaration that …

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family eating together

Eat Dinner Together as a Family

Family dinners can seem like formal affairs or like something out of an old fashioned setting. In today’s modern world, it’s easy for us to get busy with work, school, and all the other activities of life. With conflicting schedules, each family member just grabs some food whenever he or she can get to it. So why should we eat dinner together as a family? It may not seem to matter whether we eat dinner together or not, as long as everyone gets fed. Recent research, however, tells us that there is measurable value to eating dinner as a family. …

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help kids learn good oral care

Help Your Kids Learn Good Oral Care

We all know that it’s important to take care of our teeth. And in the last several years, oral health has been tied to many other health issues, like diabetes and heart disease. If we help our kids learn good oral care now, they will carry those good habits with them as they grow. So, let’s look at some ways we can help our kids take good care of their teeth. We can start by learning the sign for “brush teeth.”  Pretend your pointer finger is a toothbrush, and then move it back and forth just like you’re brushing your …

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girl enjoying fall fun

Last Minute Fall Fun for Your Family

We’re well into the fall season now. Our thoughts have been on apple picking, pumpkin patches, and hay rides. And there are so many ways to incorporate signing into this season!  Let’s look at some signs and activities for fall fun! Fall Weather First, we can talk about the weather. Fall brings different weather, and as the weather changes, you can use signs to describe it.  You can use this sign when the sun is shining, or use this one when the weather is getting cold.  If there is rain, or for some of us, snow, you can learn new …

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Safe Halloween Family Fun

How to Be Safe This Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching with its pumpkins, costumes, candy, and fun! As we plan for our fun, it’s also important to plan for our kids’ safety.  And while safety is always something we consider for Halloween activities, 2020 requires that we add an additional level of safety to our Halloween fun. Let’s look at how we can have fun and be safe this Halloween. Standard Halloween Safety Tips There are several safety tips that are always part of our Halloween activities.  We know that children should wear something bright and reflective or carry a glow stick or flashlight. Parents should …

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healthy drug free kids

Red Ribbon Week Celebrates a Healthy, Drug-Free Life

The wearing of a red ribbon can represent different causes. During October 23-31 each year, it is dedicated to awareness efforts to keep kids drug-free.   We don’t really like to think about substance abuse, especially in reference to our children. However, our discomfort with the subject does not change its reality.  Substance abuse can affect every segment of the community. It can pop up in any age group.  While it tends to be associated with only certain types of communities, the truth is that it affects all communities.  And yes, it can reach our kids. Red Ribbon Week is about …

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Smart Screen Time

Tips for Balancing Your Kids’ Screen Time

So much of our world depends on screen usage. We work on screens, use them for entertainment, and now we rely on them for much of our communication.  We know that some research tells us that our kids shouldn’t be watching so much. But research from the American Academy of Pediatrics also suggests that well designed and monitored interactions can improve cognitive, literacy, and social outcomes for children. With work and school and meetings and communication each coming through a screen, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to balance our screen time.  How do we guide our kids in balancing their screen …

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