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Last Minute Fall Fun for Your Family

We’re well into the fall season now. Our thoughts have been on apple picking, pumpkin patches, and hay rides. And there are so many ways to incorporate signing into this season!  Let’s look at some signs and activities for fall fun!

Fall Weather

First, we can talk about the weather. Fall brings different weather, and as the weather changes, you can use signs to describe it.  You can use this sign when the sun is shining, or use this one when the weather is getting cold.  If there is rain, or for some of us, snow, you can learn new signs as you enjoy the fall weather.  And you can find even more weather signs in our dictionary.

Of course, if you’re talking about the weather, you’ll need to know the sign for weather.

Fall Craft Fun

Kids love to make leaves from colored construction paper and hang them around their homes.  You can trace leaves from outdoors, or you can make up your own leaf shapes.  Then, hang them on windows or doors, or make a garland and hang it up.

If it gets windy in the fall where you live, help your kids make a windsock.  We have easy instructions for this craft here. You could even use some of your construction paper leaves for this project instead of the hands for more of a fall theme.

Another easy fall craft is to make autumn trees from real leaves and a hand print.  You can find the instructions for this one here.

family hiking for fall funGo Outside!

Many people love to be outdoors in the fall. And it really is wonderful to enjoy the fall leaves and colors. Have your kids rake the leaves into a pile that they can then play in. Hike a trail that you did over the summer, and look at all the differences that fall brought. Have a fall picnic. 

Find ways to get your family outside to enjoy the season!

Fall Events

While fall events will be limited this year, see what events may still be available in your area.  State fairs are a fall favorite, and there are some fairs operating this year.  Your town or city might still hold a traditional festival or fall celebration. See if you can find a place to pick apples or pumpkins. 

Even without organized events, we can drive around to find and enjoy the beautiful fall colors.

And since we keep going back to fall’s colorful leaves, here’s the sign for leaves!

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What fun fall activities do you have planned?


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