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Free Friday – Animals

Happy Friday! This week’s free TreeSchoolers Activity Pack is loaded with activities! It teaches signs and concepts taught in Rachel & the TreeSchoolers Ep. 4: Awesome Animals.  Download Your Activity Pack This Activity Pack is a companion to Rachel & the TreeSchoolers Ep. 4: Awesome Animals Get the Awesome Animals DVD

Free Friday – Outside

Happy Friday Spring is in the air! This week’s free Signing Time Activity Pack features signs you can use while talking a walk outside. Your PDF Activity Pack includes activity pages and printable sign flash cards. Download Your Activity Pack This activity features signs taught in the DVD Signing Time Series Two, Vol. 5: Outside Activities and flash cards are from the Signing Time Classroom Edition

Free Friday – Strollin’

Happy Friday! As the weather warms up, you and your child might be taking more walks. So this week’s free Activity Pack features the signs for things that you’ll see outside. Enjoy your PDF with lyrics, coloring pages, and flash cards. Don’t forget to download the free song as well. Get Your Activity Pack Here

What if your whole school used sign language?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What would it look like if all the students in your school used signs to enhance learning?  What would a typical day in class look like? What would the teachers think? How would parents react? How would it affect bilingual students? How would it affect special needs students? With the help of our friends at The STAR school, a bilingual charter school in Arizona serving the Navajo Nation, you can see how beneficial and fun a school-wide signing program can be! Read Video Transcript About this video The STAR School 3-to-3rd Project infuses both American Sign and Navajo Languages throughout …

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In the News: Rachel gives Hawkeye a helping, signing hand

Rachel Coleman on the set of Rachel & the TreeSchoolers The archer superhero’s hearing loss inspires and resonates with readers. By Michael McFall  | The Salt Lake Tribune Marvel’s archer superhero Hawkeye, who recently lost his hearing, got a helping hand from an empathetic Utah mother, Rachel Coleman, whose own daughter is deaf, too. Hawkeye, whose real name is Clint Barton, damaged his hearing years ago in a fight and wore hearing aids for a while. That eventually was written out of the comics — which the current writer of the Hawkeye series, Matt Fraction, felt was a shame. The …

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Call for Research Volunteers in Utah

Dear Signing Time Families, A research team from Brigham Young University is looking for young volunteers for a new study about how deaf and hard of hearing children learn language. They will apply their findings to exciting new educational tools like Signglasses to help deaf children learn to read. Details appear below. If you can help, contact Nathan Bench at -Rachel Volunteer Requirements Currently 8-10 years Born deaf or became deaf before age 2 Willing and able to undergo an MRI Does not have cochlear implants (due to strong magnetic field MRI emits) Can travel to BYU, Provo for a one-hour research session Research Purpose Our new …

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3 Signs to Teach Babies First

The 3 Signs to Teach Babies First… Sometimes we wish our babies would come to us with full vocabularies and understanding enough of the world to know how to express their needs and wants. Obviously, it doesn’t work that way and when we stop to think about it, we would miss out on all of the precious moments of discovery that bring us closer to our children. I guess what we really want is to speed up the time between those discoveries. We want to make life easier on us and them by closing the gap in our communication. Sign Language …

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Press Release: Signing Time and Marvel Comics

Comic Dedicated to Signing Time Star  SALT LAKE CITY, UT – July 30, 2014 In 2012, Rachel Coleman, host of the Two Little Hands series, Signing Time, met Matt Fraction, a writer for Marvel Comics, at a Signing Time concert. Fraction had been fascinated by the experience of signing with his son. He was struck by the similarities in visual communication used in both comic books and sign language. They discussed the Avenger character Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye, who had once damaged his hearing in a fight. For a time, he wore hearing aids. Fraction said it was a shame that Hawkeye’s …

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Can signing make you a better teacher?

We often talk about the benefits of signing in terms of the benefits it has for children: less frustration, bigger vocabularies, increased learning and retention – the list goes on. Can signing benefit teachers, too? Dr. Claire Vallotton from Michigan State University conducted several studies to explore this question. Careful observation of teacher behavior revealed that early child educators are more responsive to preverbal children when the children are using signs. When children sign, teachers are better at: making eye contact talking with children being warm and affectionate responding to children’s needs In another study, teachers said they know the children better, and they pay closer attention when children are …

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How Kickstarter Works

How to Get Started What is Kickstarter? Why use Kickstarter? How can I participate? What is a pledge? Do I get something in return for my pledge? What are Backer Rewards? How do I make a pledge? What is Kickstarter? Kickstarter is a crowdsourcing platform for creative projects. We’ve used it to fund: Signing Time Christmas Rachel & the TreeSchoolers Ep. 2-6 Rachel & the TreeSchoolers Ep. 7-9 – NOW FUNDING! Why use Kickstarter? Kickstarter lets YOU become our partner in production. YOU help us decide what shows to create. And you can even choose to have YOUR KIDS be filmed for those shows! For …

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