In a recent article on, Richard Rende, Ph.D. shared a list of 25 words that a typical 2-year-old should be saying. Baby Signing Time DVDs and Baby Signing Time Board Books can give your child exposure to many of these important early words.

How does signing support spoken language?

In the white paper “Signing with Babies and Children,” Dr. Claire Vallotton of Michigan State University summarizes what research can tell us about the link between signing and talking:

  • “In one case study, each time the child learned the sign for a certain concept, the word followed shortly after it, from the time the child was 8 months until 18 months.
  • Meredith Rowe and Susan Goldin-Meadow studied 52 typically developing children from toddlerhood to preschool age; they found that the number of different concepts children represented through gestures at 18 months predicted their vocabulary at 42 months.
  • Finally, there are several studies that have shown that the same areas of the brain –the areas for understanding meaning in symbols – are activated by symbolic gestures and signs as well as by words. And a study by Spencer Kelly and colleagues has shown that these meaningful hand movements which activate this area of the brain make learning a new word easier.”

Baby Signing Time