Baby Sign Language May Increase Your Bond

One of the many benefits of baby sign language is the increased bond becomes possible between you and your child. How does signing with your baby increase your bond? There are many ways! Today we’re discussing just a few. Using baby sign language will help you to communicate and give you the opportunity to spend more time together—beneficial time forging your bond and learning a new skill together.

Bridging the Communication Gap

Any thriving relationship needs some level of communication. Good communication leads to a good relationship. However, communicating can be difficult with a baby, and lack of communication can lead to frustration, tantrums, and disconnect. Most babies aren’t able to communicate effectively with speech until about 18 to 24 months.  However, most babies are able to sign around 8 to 9 months.

The dexterity needed to sign is developed sooner than the skills needed for speech. You can save months or even a year of frustrations and tears when you learn to communicate with your child early on. Parents and children that sign together have the opportunity to grow closer and be more in tune with each other.

When communication happens between you and your little one, you can better understand each other and spend more time getting to know each other. Once your child is better able to express their desires and interests, you can get a glimpse at their personality. Your child’s ability to express themselves and your ability to better understand them will help you both to feel more confident.

Having Fun Together

As you learn baby sign language together, you and your child have a chance to forge your bond by learning a new skill together, in a fun way! Bond over fun activities while you learn together. Play games, sing songs, participate in other interactive things—be creative when you spend time together.

Learning with fun activities will not only bring you and your baby closer, but it will also help your little one to develop a love of learning. Educate your child through educational games. This form of entertainment will be a very beneficial way for you to spend time with your child—as you both learn and grow while enjoying each other’s time. Help your child to love learning when you make it more fun. Your bond will increase as you are learning and having fun in each other’s company.

Baby Language May Increase Bond

Spending More Time Together

Positive interactions are promoted as you spend time together learning baby sign language. When you are able to communicate and understand each other, you can spend less time guessing at your baby’s needs and more quality time together. As you both learn and grow together, you’ll have the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time together. Learning the skill of signing does take time, and that’s quality time together!

Less Time Spent in Distress

Babies often get frustrated when they are unable to communicate their wants and needs to you. This frustration leads to tantrums, tears, screaming, you know the drill. Though these meltdowns are only natural for a child trying to learn to communicate and express themselves, they are often preventable with baby sign language as children learn to communicate earlier on and more effectively.

Parents who are able to understand their children better (and earlier on) with baby sign language spend less time dealing with tantrums and distress and thus are free to spend more time bonding. Though there are certainly going to be times of distress, lessening them will help to forge a strong bond between you and your baby.

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