Does Baby Sign Language Reduce Tantrums?

What Causes Tantrums

Dealing with tantrums can be overwhelming and disheartening. The frustration and heightened emotions that result from tantrums often bring unintended discord between you and your child.

These fits can lead to a lack of sleep, the embarrassment of a public temper tantrum, and more woes that come along with this frustration. But at the heart of most outbursts are the child’s own frustration at their inability to communicate with you. Avoid laughing at or being indifferent with your child as they express their frustration. They are likely trying to communicate with you and don’t understand why they aren’t able to.

Babies learn to understand long before they develop the needed skills to speak. Without this ability to voice their wants and needs, they can be easily discouraged and angered. Because signing uses motor skills that develop sooner, babies can learn to sign within their first year, whereas they don’t usually learn to communicate effectively with speech until around age two. When you are able to effectively communicate with your child, you can stop wasting time trying to guess at their wants and needs. Get to the root of their problem faster when you communicate with baby sign language.


How to Handle Tantrums

Though effective communication can certainly help you to avoid some frustrations, there are still bound to be a few tantrums along the way. There may be a learning curve for your child and a few bumps in the road to learning effective communication. When the inevitable tantrum arrives, do your best to keep your cool. Speaking in a soothing and soft voice will help your child to calm their emotions.

You can also use calming signs that will soothe your little one. As they try to communicate with you, give them options. If you are unsure of what they want, use signs to show them their options and allow them to sign back or use their current abilities to gesture towards their choice. Their ability to sign and communicate, and their ability to choose, will them help to grow confidence and avoid future misunderstandings.

Using signs, options, and soothing tones will not always solve the problem. But as you face each encounter with your child with confidence and effective communication, things will get easier. You will also have the opportunity to get to know your child better as you learn their personality and preferences by communicating with them.

Why Baby Signing Time Works

With Baby Signing Time, you have an easy and fun way to learn sign language. Use your signs as soon as your baby is born. Even though Baby can’t sign back yet, he is learning from you. Sign MILK and EAT when you nurse or give a bottle, Sign BANANA, CEREAL, APPLE, or whatever food you are giving Baby. Ask your baby if he wants MORE. When outside, sign BIRD, DOG, CAT, GRASS, etc. All of these signs are in Baby Signing Time and Signing Time. Continue signing throughout your day and baby will pick up the signs and connect them to the words. Before you know it, Baby will start signing back to you and let you know what he needs and wants. You will be amazed at what your little one knows, even though he doesn’t have words.

Signing Mom

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