Thank you for Sign It!

Thank you so much for providing this resource! We started learning “baby signs” when my oldest daughter was a baby. She loves sign language! Our second daughter was diagnosed with hearing loss and got BAHA hearing aids around 1 year old. So I applied for Sign It and started learning ASL. My older daughter loves watching Signing Time and watching me doing Sign It. We enjoy the lesson style with stories. For the quizzes, I let her guess what is being signed.

I find it really helpful when Rachel explains what the sign looks like, or why it is what it is. It helps me remember the sign, and I get to hear my older daughter teach her little sister. “Put your 4 fingers together and tuck your thumb. Not like that. Do this. That’s a B. Now shake it. That means Blue.”

Little Sis started out copying Big Sis. Now she watches me do Sign It too. She enjoys the part where Rachel teaches new signs. “Bear. It’s like you’re giving yourself a hug and then scratching your shoulders.” She says, “bear” and repeats the sign. She knows sign language for most food items, because those are the most important words for a toddler.

Learning ASL has been very helpful for our family. For a while, my toddler spoke 10 words, and each word had 10 meanings. Saying “Cha-cha” meant “Joshua,” “chocolate,” and “sausage.” So ASL helped us figure out what she was actually saying. It also helps her “hear” what I am saying. There are so many words which sound similar to other words, “Shoes” vs “Juice.” So knowing even a few signs helps us clarify and “hear” what each other is actually trying to say.

We have been learning for almost 2 years now. My oldest daughter is 5 years old and knows way more ASL than I do. Now she is teaching Little Sis and Dada the ABCs. Our younger daughter just turned 3 and when asked, “What is your name?” Or “How old are you?” She answers, “I am A! A for Asha.” So she knows her letter, and is learning the rest of the ABCs.

Thanks again!
– Becky
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