Can’t Wait to Take the Next Class!

Written by Darla D., PA


I don’t know what parents of toddlers did before signing with babies became the trend.  We signed a few basics with my first (now 4 years old), but with my second, we started taking classes with Melissa Mons in Ardmore, PA.  At first I thought, “Really, a class for a one-year old?  This will be a waste of time, for sure.”  But Melissa was great, and my little Lambchop loved everything about it.  We picked up the pack of CDs, DVDs and cards for home, and both of my little ones loved them.  We watch them daily or more often.  They ask for the DVDs as either the “pink” or the “green” Signing Time.  Just today, little Lambchop was trying to tell me something about her drink at lunch using her voice.  When I wasn’t getting the gist, she took a breath, set down her cup, and calmly made the sign for milk.  She was trying to tell me she wanted milk, not the lemonade that I had given her.  Duh, mom!  When my 1-year old and I weren’t able to take the latest signing class with Melissa, my 4-year old was devastated.  She asked if we can go back so that the little one can teach her more signs!  The hardest part about signing with Baby Signing Time is that the kids are learning concepts that they want to know how to communicate faster than I am learning the signs for them!  Can’t wait to take the next class.

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