Interactive Sign Language Site

I ran across this very cute interactive website that not only talks about the benefits of using sign language with young children, but actually provides an interactive sign language dictionary. According to the website, the Babystrology Baby Sign Language Video Dictionary is a fun and free way to learn some basic American Sign Language (ASL) signs that can help you teach your baby. It is also fun to use as a practice tool. Many people have sent us questions regarding the benefits of teaching their babies sign language. When I first started working at Two Little Hands Productions, I remember …

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Calendar of Events

We just added a calendar of events located at the top of the blog. We have included events where Rachel will be, as well as where Signing Time representatives will be. Be sure to click on the descriptions to see when and where the events will be. The information will also detail whether or not Rachel will be attending. We hope to see you at some of these events!

Signing helped my baby “show off” her personality

We have been signing with our daughter Afton since she was seven months old. She’s now 21 months and usually speaks the words she’s signing as well. This often leads to confusion about why we sign with her if she’s not deaf. Truth be told, I thought the same thing before I joined the team at Two Little Hands Productions last year and we started using Signing Time with our kids. Prior to Signing Time, we were completely “signless.” But once we started signing with Afton, my wife and I, as well as the older kids quickly caught on so …

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Rachel Coleman on KSL Studio 5 tomorrow

Rachel Coleman will be a guest on KSL’s Studio 5, a show on the NBC network in Salt Lake City tomorrow, Friday, July 11th at 11:00 a.m. Rachel, along with guests who participated in the production of Baby Signing Time, will talk about the benefits of using sign language with hearing children. While many people may think that sign language is only for the deaf, scores of parents everywhere are paying attention to “baby sign language” as a powerful means of teaching babies and toddlers to communicate before they are old enough to talk. Parents are noticing that using sign …

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What fun activities are Alex and Leah up to this summer?

The Best Summer of My Life by Leah Coleman When school got out I felt like screaming! I had not felt like this in a long time, not since last summer. The older kids on my bus broke into a chorus of “Happy Birthday” like they did on every half day. ANNOYING. When I finally got off the bus I ran home, but I don’t remember what I did after that. Let’s just fast forward to Cancun, Mexico! Everybody was packing for Cancun, a bunch of my cousins, my Grandma Linda, and Grandpa. Eighteen of us were going for a …

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New Signing Time DVDs available

I thought everyone should know that we will be releasing Signing Time Series Two: Volumes 11 & 12 next week. BUT, you can pre-order your copies now! When you order the Gift Set, you will get: Two New Signing Time DVDs: Once Upon a Time and Box of Crayons FREE Signing Time Coloring Book FREE 10 ColorSplash Twisting Crayons Plus gift set pricing of $35.99. That’s a 10% savings! Follow this link to learn more about how to pre-order your copies today!

Rachel performing at the Sunflower Farmers Market Grand-Opening on July 2nd!

Sunflower Farmers Market is coming to Salt Lake City…Murray to be exact. As part of the excitement of the first Utah-based store, the Sunflower Farmers Market has chosen to donate to the Signing Time Foundation! In turn, Rachel will perform at the first grand opening of the Sunflower Farmers Market in Utah! Where: The new Sunflower Farmers Market in Murray, Utah, located at 6284 S. State Street, across from Fashion Place Mall When: Wednesday, July 2 at 6:20 a.m. Why: Because of the generous contributions from the Sunflower Farmers Market to the Signing Time Foundation, Rachel will be performing one …

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No-Stress Sign Language

I found out about Signing Time several years ago from my daughter, Kelly. She started working for a company called Two Little Hands Productions. I was living in California at the time and remember when she sent me a gift set, which included My First Signs, Playtime Signs and Everyday Signs. What fun! I immediately began to learn new signs and found myself singing along with Rachel. I was addicted! This is a show that kept my attention and helped me learn a new language, while being totally family friendly. When I watch the shows, Rachel makes me feel like …

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A Long Long Road – Ghana 05/08

Wednesday May 14, 2008 On the way back from Cynthia’s I took pictures of butterflies. Everyone was returning to the deaf school. On the way back, Deb and I took a detour up a dirt road to see some guesthouses that are for rent. We walked and walked for a long time up a dirt road. I started to get nervous. We saw a restaurant that claims to serve pizza. We kept walking. We found the Nevea Guest House. The Reception Door was shut and locked. There was a phone number on it. We looked around and the grounds were …

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