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Baby Signing Time “Sign & Read” collection now available

Two Little Hands Productions, creators of the award-winning Signing Time series, released a new collection of Baby Signing Time products. The “Sign & Read” Collection, which includes a new parent guide, a set of new board books, updated DVDs, and flash cards, places an emphasis on early learning through parent-child interaction. “Parents are their child’s first teachers, so we made sure this Baby Signing Time collection included a parent guide to early learning,” says Emilie Brown, co-creator of Signing Time and Baby Signing Time. “Every parent-child interaction can strengthen the relationship and feed a child’s growing mind. Reading together is …

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Ga Ga for Baby Signing Time

OK, we are having WAY too much fun with the release of Baby Signing Time 3 & 4. Can’t you tell? I just had to share our latest and greatest video trailer. I absolutely love it! Thanks to our production team for all their effort on this fun trailer. Just because I love blogging so much, here is the code that you can embed if you want to: <object width=”425″ height=”344″><param name=”movie” value=”″></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><embed src=”″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”425″ height=”344″></embed></object>

Baby Signing Time 3 & 4 Reviews

Sally S. West Valley, UT The new volumes of Baby Signing Time are absolutely wonderful! My son loved the new songs and was up dancing around the room with Rachel. He absolutely loved “Opposites” song and game. We had to play that one over and over for him, and we’ve been singing it around the house ever since watching it. It’s great because it teaches him the opposites too! He was very excited for the new DVDs and really enjoyed them. They are great for my husband and I too; they are fun and easy to interact with. The “Strollin” …

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Baby Signing Time Testimonials

With Baby Signing Time 3 and 4 coming soon, we thought we’d share with you the experiences some families have had with Baby Signing Time 1 & 2. Baby Signing Time Helped Me With My Colicky Child My Daughter Signed ‘More Baby Signing Time Please’ Baby Signing Time Helped Me Understand What My Son Was Thinking Pappy Sings Diaper Dance I Used to Sign “Cracker” Like This… No More Tantrums Mom Has a Mom My Two-Year-Old Taught His Grandparents How to Sign Honk if You Love Signing Time My 18-Month Old Speaks over 150 words Keep going to read all …

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“Is Baby Sign Language an Essential or a Ripoff?”: Comments on article

I recently came across this article entitled “Is Baby Sign Language an Essential or a Ripoff?” by Pamela Paul, posted on a website called Babble: the magazine and community for a new generation of parents. It is one parent’s experience with teaching her baby to sign, along with plenty of commentary thoughts on the subject. As a parent who signs with their child, I have some thoughts about this. I also have the added advantage of having worked for Two Little Hands Productions for several years and seeing for myself the many testimonials and feedback that come in from our …

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Baby Signing Time Production

Baby Signing Time production is going really well!! Over the weekend, we had a retreat for all the babies, moms and dads that are participating in the next Baby Signing Time DVD. Jed Boal with KSL Channel 5, the NBC affiliate here in Salt Lake City, did a behind the scenes exclusive interview with Rachel and some of the parents involved in the production. Watch the KSL segment that ran on Friday, May 16th at 5:00 p.m. Read the article below and continue reading to see more pictures!

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