Going To Ghana

Crocodiles and Goodbyes… and Going Back!

The Crocodile (Wow, I can’t believe I never posted this… as we are getting ready for our 2012 trip, I noticed this draft, hanging out unpublished- so here’s the wrap up from 2008 and some info about our trip in January 2012!) Shortly after arriving at the cottage, Deb and I started packing. We would be up before everyone tomorrow morning.  The rest of the group would leave the following day. We were leaving a day early so that I would have the chance to meet the first group of Baby Signing Time signers. I had purchased a large crocodile in Aburi …

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A Long Long Road – Ghana 05/08

Wednesday May 14, 2008 On the way back from Cynthia’s I took pictures of butterflies. Everyone was returning to the deaf school. On the way back, Deb and I took a detour up a dirt road to see some guesthouses that are for rent. We walked and walked for a long time up a dirt road. I started to get nervous. We saw a restaurant that claims to serve pizza. We kept walking. We found the Nevea Guest House. The Reception Door was shut and locked. There was a phone number on it. We looked around and the grounds were …

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Alfred in Aburi – Ghana 08

  Wednesday May 14, 2008 Today we woke up and went to Aburi to the wood carvers shops. Not that this has anything to do with anything 🙂 But I think in general people are much more friendly when you are traveling with children.I have also noticed that I am much more relaxed and less concerned when I am not traveling with children.This trip has been a piece of cake emotionally compared to January.My stress level is almost non-existent.This makes sense when you consider how many areas I was concerned about for myself and for two children.Safety, health, food and …

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Say What You Need To Say – Ghana 05/08

More on the Meeting May 13, 2008 (written May 14th) When the meeting ended everyone walked across the street to the restaurant where we had put in our food order. SOHI was picking up the tab since they called the meeting 🙂 This is the first time I have had anything more than a soda at a restaurant. They sat us based on what we had ordered. The “chicken and rice table” had the fewest Ghanaians, since it was the safest and most recognizable food. First they brought buckets of cold soda bottles with extra long straws. Then the food …

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Sunny Day – Ghana 05/08

Wednesday May 14, 2008 (writing about May 13) It is morning and the power is not on but the sun is up! Back to the meeting… Some of the people at the meeting were surprised that the teachers are being paid by Signs of Hope (SOHI) to learn sign language. They said a teacher should want to continue their education especially if it directly benefits their students. They said, “Usually teachers PAY to attend a class to further THEIR education!” They were still grateful that SOHI has put their programs in place. Wow what a relief! They know the issues! …

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Opposites – Ghana 05/2008

Tuesday May 13, 2008 Remember how last January I wanted to buy fabric and they only sell me 6 yards for the equivalent of $45? Well when Deb, Marco and I went to town, I had my eye out for that same fabric. I didn’t find it but we paid $2.50 per yard for the fabric we did like. That is $15 for 6 yards! I knew it! 😉 Today we woke up early, packed our bags and got in the tro-tro around 7AM.

Strollin’ – Ghana 05/2008

Monday May 12, 2008 If yesterday was the longest day ever, today was the shortest day ever. I woke up, showered, had a protein shake, then Deb and I met up with marco to walk to town. It was already 3:00PM. Curry, Erin and Michelle went to Accra this morning to meet with folks at the Department of Special Ed., talk through the agenda and to make sure everyone expected was going to show up. Brian and Amy went to the internet cafe. The internet cafe is now just up the road at the YMCA! It costs 40 cents for …

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Outside Outside – Ghana 05/2008

Sunday May 11th 2008 – Evening Today has been the longest day ever! It is hot and humid! Actually it is SO hot and SO humid! The tro-tro picked us up at the airport. It was interesting to take the drive to Mampong again. It wasn’t so foreign this time. When we arrived, Marco was waiting. He helped us unload our bags. He had already set up the bunk beds for us. Everyone settled in and took naps. It is really hot… did I already say that? We are sweaty and yucky! After the nap we went up to see …

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New Day – Ghana 5/2008

Sunday May 11th 2008 (morning) I am happy to report we landed and other than the outburst of applause it seemed pretty normal. Come to think of it, is it normal for everyone on a flight to hold their breathe simultaneously? I guess not. This time there are seven of us. Curry and Erin are the founders of Signs Of Hope International. Brian is head of Deaf Studies at UVU. Two past SOHI volunteers are here, Michelle and Amy.  Amy is here through July.  She is arriving a week before the rest of the volunteers.  Then there is me and …

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In The Sky – Ghana 5/2008

May 10, 2008 This morning I left for Ghana. I stayed up until 3 or 4 in the morning packing. I am only going to be gone for 6 days, but you should see the size of my suitcase. It weighs over 65 pounds, mostly because of the Signing Time books and flash cards I am bringing. The toughest thing about preparing for this trip has been making sure that Leah and Lucy are covered after school, Monday through Thursday. We are in production on new shows, so Aaron, my husband is booked solid. We have a tight schedule and …

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