Alfred in Aburi – Ghana 08


Wednesday May 14, 2008

Today we woke up and went to Aburi to the wood carvers shops.

Not that this has anything to do with anything 🙂 But I think in general people are much more friendly when you are traveling with children.I have also noticed that I am much more relaxed and less concerned when I am not traveling with children.This trip has been a piece of cake emotionally compared to January.My stress level is almost non-existent.This makes sense when you consider how many areas I was concerned about for myself and for two children.Safety, health, food and nourishment, germs, hygiene, hydration, and medication are all areas that I can rattle off with out hardly thinking.

Yeah, so like I said we went to Aburi.It was fun taking Deb.It was also great to see Alfred.

He Remembered Me!Alfred at Work in AburiAlfred CarvingDeb and Alfred in Aburi

He is now working on carving picture-scapes.Deb bought one.I visited the jewelry shop again. I bought the same necklace as the one I gave away to my mother-in-law 🙂 and a few more!After buying all of the necklaces, the woman who was selling them gave me one more for free.I am glad she did, because it was one I hadn’t noticed and it is really cool.  She remembered me too!

More necklaces in Auri

I bought some bracelets and a few items to list on Ebay for the Signing Time Foundation, like a set of elephants!(Be sure to GoodShop for the Signing Time Foundation when you shop on Ebay!)  Deb bought a drum for her son, we will have to go back later tonight when it is finished being made to pick it up, yes, Special Order 🙂

Unfinished Drum with Drum Maker Aburi

The power outages are annoying!Sometimes the lights flicker a few seconds before they go out, which gives us time to grab flashlights and headlamps.This is good.It is NOT good when you are using the bathroom and the lights go out. That is probably the worst. When the power is out, like it has been since last night, the internet cafe is down too.Our cokes are warm and our ice cream pouches are like water, warm water.There is no way to cool down.

After Aburi we went to the orthopedic hospital.I brought some more Signing Time DVDs for Brenda and her staff.We sat down with her and discussed yesterday’s meeting. There were a few more great connections made for the future. Curry is associated with a group called Hirche Smiles who travels to third world countries to do cleft palate repairs and they are looking for a hospital in Ghana.Brenda said she would be happy to have that done in one of their three surgery theaters. We met the doctor too. Turns out he has a guest house that can be rented as well.

With Brenda at the Kunta Kinte Hospital

After that I went to a dress shop and brought in my 6 yards of fabulous fabric.There were poster size papers on the wall with countless possible dress patterns. It was so hot and humid.We were all dripping sweat. If you had a backpack on, you had a backpack shaped sweat mark on your shirt and waist. We were standing in this tiny wooden shack with the old fashioned, black metal sewing machines. I was so hot I could hardly think, let alone choose a dress style that I thought might work!I finally settled on a style for a top and skirt, handed them my fabric and then they took my measurements. It will cost $6 and it will be done in two days, which is Friday, and I will already have left. Amy said she would bring it to me in July when she completes her volunteer time here.

Rachel with Seamstress

We stopped by Cynthia’s to let her know we did not want dinner tonight. She brings enough for an army and we only eat a tiny part of it. Last night Luke and Teddy came by and we gave it to them to eat. We bumped into them on the road and they both said they slept very well because they were so satisfied having eaten our food. Luke asked again if I would leave my honey bear.I said, “Yes.” Last night I made him a peanut butter and honey sandwich so he could see how we eat honey, rather than drink it :)He devoured the sandwich. Both Teddy and Luke plan to graduate from High School and come to The U.S. for college.


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  1. Oh yes let us know when you plan to place the items on ebay. I know that is one bidding war I want to participate in. The drum looks so cool.

  2. How exciting! I hope Alfred’s sculptures make a lot of money for the foundation. I always regretted not bringing a drum back with me. Any drums? LOL

  3. Kwabena Okweti

    I am a native of Aburi and would like to bring to your attention that Aburi is not a village but a town so please when you are writting articles about this tourist town do refer to it as such .

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