Hand-y Crafts by LeeAnn

Keep Your Little Ones Actively Learning

Learning can be fun and active. We have some wonderful resources for parents, teachers, and professionals. ALL of the activities use your hands, while most of the activities incorporate signing.that it’s the music that makes Signing Time so special. Our music library is available for purchase at iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon Music and more under Artist Rachel Coleman. Here you’ll find all the lyrics for songs found in each of our videos. Color Alex, Leah, Hopkins and more with Baby Signing Time, Signing Time, and Nursery Rhymes Coloring Pages! Download Free Signing Time Coloring Pages Signing Activities Here are …

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Move & Groove Activities

It is important to keep everyone moving while at home. Encourage movement with signing! Play the Signing Time Move and Groove Game at home. It’s a great indoor or backyard activity. Simply download the game instructions, create your own spinner, or print the flash cards to play! Great for children ages 2-6. PDF: Download this game now Learn the signs for this game: Additional Movement Activities and Crafts Fast or Slow Build a Paper Plate Tambourine Signing Charades Party Game Download other Signing Time Hand-y Crafts

Snow Day Activity: Make a Feelings Signs Flip Book!

How to make your Feelings Flip Book Print and cut out Feelings Flip-Book pages. Cut card stock in half to make your flip book pages. Pick a flash card, learn the sign. Draw or find a picture that shows the feeling of the sign. Glue the picture and both sides of flash card to page. Repeat for all signs. Punch hole and loosely tie a ribbon through it to finish your book! Help your child learn songs and signs for feelings in the Signing Time Family, Feelings & Fun video.

Thanksgiving Paper Plate Hand-y Crafts

Create and Celebrate! November is the time to celebrate Thanksgiving and reflect on what we are grateful for. Enjoy creating a turkey to decorate for your Thanksgiving festivities. Download Mayflower directions Download Turkey directions Download other Signing Time Hand-y Crafts Teaching Children Gratitude Helping Children Show Gratitude Teaching Children About Charity

Halloween Poster Hand-y Craft

Use your imagination to create a Halloween poster to display! Download Halloween poster directions Additional Halloween Crafts! Download Pumpkin Carving Patterns Download Bat & Ghost Lollipop Holder directions Download Witch Hats directions Download dozens more Signing Time Hand-y Crafts for all occasions – FREE!  

Spring Hand-y Craft: Finger Paint Flowers

Materials White construction paper Finger paint – various colors Directions Step 1:  Paint your fingers green. Make grass by pressing your fingers across the bottom of the paper. You may need to repaint your fingers several times to complete this step. Step 2:  Use your finger to paint stems and leaves with green paint. Step 3:  Paint your thumbs and press them to the paper to make flower petals. Step 4:  Paint your whole hand to make a tulip. Step 5:  Wash up! Download Activity PDF See more Hand-y Crafts by LeeAnn 

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